Age Of X-Man: X-Tremists #5 Review

Writer: Leah Williams
Artist: Georges Jeanty, Roberto Poggi, Jim Charalampidis
Cover Artist: Rahzzah
Release Date: June 26, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Last issue somethings felt out out of place and a bit rushed. Honestly, this is a book that started out iffy for me. Mainly due to that cookie sheet running gag in issue one. But the other Age of X-Man books somehow, their fifth issue finds a way to find some redeeming qualities. So here’s to looking on the bright side, but now did this book follow the trend of the other books or did this book follow the trend of its own book and let me down? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start this issue about where we left off last issue, with Jubilee causing chaos because she remembers she has a kid. Now this came out of nowhere. Which thankfully this issue does a great job at letting us know what lead up to that moment.

We see that the prisoner in Department X’s basement has escaped due to her secondary ability. Feels like that hasn’t been touched since the X-Men: Blue book series was going on. And boy is Nezumi pissed! Especially how she had to give birth in the basement! After some time with the baby, Jubilee wakes up from this reality and remembers who she is just in time for the rage to kick in.

Jubilee wants to make amends for what they have done to Nezumi, so whats the best way to do it? Guess give her their van and rob places to give her cash. Now going in this book, I was curious if they were going to touch on something that was mentioned in another book last week and they did! Was so glad they did that!

After what we can assume was Jubilee setting Blob’s house on fire, Betsy confronts Blob and they both agree it’s time to give everyone their memories back. Unfortunately, everyone is still a bit pissed off about getting them wiped in the first place. No clue what that end result is but can safely say we will find out in that Omega book.

Final Thoughts:

Well probably my favorite issue in the mini! It explained a few things and actually made me curious to keep reading. Something this book has failed to keep doing. Was relief when I saw come continuity connections between this book and NextGen. The dialogue didn’t hate it as well! Pretty good dialogue and good artwork, I’d say pick this up!


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