War Of The Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers #1 Review

Written by: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum
Art by: Kim Jacinto and Ario Anindito
Colors by: Java Tartaglia and Felipe Sobreiro
Lettered by: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 15, 2019

I have mentioned this before, but I will repeat myself here…I go into all of these War of the Realms tie-in series with my hopes up way high. I have been enjoying the War of the Realms event way more than I thought I would and so, I want as much as I can get. Yea, I know that’s not how most people think about these sorts of things, but hey, I have been told I am an odd egg. This War Avengers team just looks so kick butt on paper that it was one of the books I couldn’t wait for. Well, now that it’s here, how was it? Let’s find out…

The issue starts out with Deadpool and while I mentioned in my review for War of the Realms #1 that I thought the first issue was a bit too “jokey”, this feels right and what I want from at least one of these tie-ins. What am I talking about? Just like the Tom Tom Club, I want Fun, natural fun. Hallum gives the reader that in spades this issue. It’s not all fun and games, though as we get a little bit of Namor at the start and boy, I was hoping he was going to join the team!

The first half of the issue is devoted to setting up the team and getting them armed and ready for the fight. Captain Marvel does tell them they are not here to win but to keep from losing, but with the heavy hitters including Weapon H and Venom, you just know that big battles will be the soup de jour here.

We get an awesome team-up of Winter Soldier and Black Widow that leads to Deadpool in a Mecha-Pool which is just as awesome if not more so. We even get a tiny hint of what this Venom is about which was a sticking point for some readers after seeing him pop up while non-Venom Eddie Brock is also in the event.

As far as story goes, this one is all about the over the top characters and battles and as an aside from the main storyline, I am okay with that. This first issue felt like an explosive pallet cleanser and Hallum embraces the summer popcorn movie vibe 100%.

Malekith does make an appearance by the end and it is the scene we already saw and continues on in issue #4 so that is a good enough tie-in for me. By the end, a frustrated Captain Marvel turns the whole Wargames lesson upside down by deciding the only way to win a war is by taking it to the guy who started it with extreme prejudice! Screw Joshua and his tic-tac-toe!

I really enjoyed this issue for what it was…the action movie side of the War of the Realms Event. I didn’t realize I needed this type of thing before reading it, but now that I did, I want more! The art did get a bit pencil heavy by the end making it feel a little rushed, but overall it was good and the action scenes were big and well done.

Final Thoughts:

Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum brings the big-budget action movie vibe to the War of the Realms Event and this team fits that perfectly. Yea, it favors big explosions and pop culture references over a deep story, but if you don’t mind that, there is a lot of fun to be had here. I had a blast and can’t wait for more!


2 thoughts on “War Of The Realms Strikeforce: The War Avengers #1 Review

  1. I got your back Jim! I really really liked this issue! So far it is my favorite of the War of the Realms! I love this team and hope somehow we get more of this cast of characters together. Deadpool and Carol together is just great! This team reminds me a lot of the 90’s X-Force team when Domino was the leader. That team was all about having fun & demolishing everything in its path! I totally got the Swimfan reference too! A score of 9 is totally justified!


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