Uncanny X-Men #18 Review

Written by: Mathew Rosenberg
Art by: Juan Vlasco, and Craig Yeung, Guru-eFX, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 15, 2019

It has only been two days since they announced all X-Men books will be cancelled in July to only have room for House of X and Power of X, and after this issue, I have no clue if this was timed and they basically just said screw it let’s do whatever we want. We last left our “heros” bickering when Juggernaut asks one important question, why isn’t Emma Frost on there take down list. But then it was revealed that no one knows/ remembers who she is. That is what this issue feels like. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

This issue begins with Wolverine informing Illyana that he is out of there! Which came out of no where, and basically his reasoning is, the X-men aren’t there to save the world anymore and that isn’t what he signed up for. Seems a bit forced, nothing hinted or anything just there. Throughout this Uncanny run, one of the best moments was in issue 11 when Logan and Scott teamed up, now that is gone.

Without any reaction from the team about Logan’s departure we immediately go the subway station where the X-men get ready to do battle with the Marauders because they think they killed the Morlocks in the sewers. Which I do enjoy battle scenes in comics in that I will look at each panel and how they are fighting and what they are getting attacked with. Did enjoy that scene very well! But then out of no where, the Marauders just surrender which felt odd but not as odd as Chamber lights the whole place up and kills everyone. Unfortunately what we can assume was Blockbuster is still left alive who stabs Chamber right through the chest just for Hope Summers to shot him in the head for the final kill shot.

Illyana then transports everyone back to the bar just to find it in blasted on fire. They just can’t get a break it seems. While Juggernaut is inside rescuing everyone, we find out that Mr. Sinister was the one who set the bar on fire for an eye for an eye after killing his followers at the sub station. After an intense battle of combining Mr. Sinister with his new found followers to make what looks like a Power Rangers villain in the big mode, all it took was Havoc to scream to knock it down to size but in doing so it made him see through, makes sense… All in which made Sinister give up, again bit too easy huh?

Later we see at Shan’s rich place everyone has settled in and see another departure from the team. Shan decides to just leave, If this run will mean nothing when the new series comes in July, then sure I am fine with the characters who didn’t get much time to either die or leave. The ending doesn’t come there, not until Scott calls calls Captain America only to be revealed that Mystique has been Captain America this whole time and is working with Emma Frost.

Final Thoughts:

Well hoping this turns into a Suicide Squad type book where now any character can be killed off. Other than that this issue is mainly just a book with nice action scenes and rushed events that makes me question if they have a game plan or just throwing things together. Art could have been better. If you want an issue about action scenes then pick this up but if you want more than that in an issue then keep on looking.


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