The Unstoppable Wasp #5 Review

Written by: Jeremy Whitley
Art by: Gurihiru and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 20, 2019

I really liked the last issue of Unstoppable Wasp. It was personal as I live with someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and while that doesn’t mean I loved seeing Nadia suffer from it as well, but I thought Jeremy Whitley did a great job showing it in a comic. It wasn’t forced and didn’t feel like it was there for applause…it was part of her character that she and those around her are trying to deal with. This issue continues that theme. Was it good? Let’s find out…

This whole issue is all about the fall out from last issue’s cliffhanger and it’s not a cute and easy thing going on here. Nadia’s manic episode caused some hurt feelings, even some physical attacks and Whitley again shows he knows what he’s doing as the characters in this issue struggle to figure out what is going on and what to do. It would be very easy to have the issue go right into group hug territory and move on, but that isn’t what happens here.

Again, a lot of this comes from heartbreaking experience, but when this sort of thing happens, everyone involved is going to react differently. Some get scared, some get angry and some just want to move on like nothing happened. The thing is, I am talking about the people around the person who is Bipolar, the people who love them. Seeing Nadia’s friends all react differently to what is going on felt so dead on! I’m not going to say it felt great, because I was pretty damn sad, but it felt true.

Continuing on, Nadia’s reactions are true as well. She goes through the anger that nothing is wrong no matter what those around her are saying to the onset of the depression and wanting to be alone. My wife, who suffers from Bipolar will oftentimes just break down in tears and wonder why most of the people in her life have left her and I saw a bit of that beginning to happen with Nadia and it was heartbreaking.

Luckily for Nadia, she has someone there for her who won’t just let her disappear into herself (or her mini lab) and for that, Priya is a new favorite character. That doesn’t lessen any of the other characters, though, as they are allowed to react the way they want and need to as well.

The ending is both gut-wrenching and inspiring as we do get an earned group hug after some opening up between Priya and Nadia, an action scene and the hope of a better tomorrow. Nadia is taking the first steps to control her illness and that made me smile.

Yea, I love this issue. Like I said last time and above in my introduction, it is a personal thing and your mileage may vary. If you aren’t familiar with Bipolar Disorder, you can trust me that Whitley is writing this with care and love and for that I thank him.

Final Thoughts:

This issue continues Jeremy Whitley’s story involving Nadia and her Bipolar Disorder. It’s a sensitive subject that is handled with knowledge and care and if you suffer or know someone who suffers from Bipolar, I think you’ll agree. It’s not pretty (actually it is thanks to Gurihiru’s art) or easy, but that’s part of the reason it’s so good.


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