Uncanny X-Men #9 Review

Written by: Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, and Mathew Rosenberg
Art by: Yiliray Cinar, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 9, 2019

I have not really been digging this Uncanny maxi series much. As a new X-Reader, I was hoping to see some of the more popular X-Men and maybe get a fun and fresh feeling story. This hasn’t been either, but maybe we can get a hail mary pass that saves the day. Did we get that this week? Let’s find out…

We start off with Nate in Legion’s body and if you haven’t been reading up until now, you are going to be very lost. If you have been, you still might be, but the chances are better that you might be disinterested and bored. This whole thing should be huge…an X bomb, if you will. Why does it feel so small, then? My guess is that the lead up to all this was not well earned and thus it all falls flat.

All is not lost, however, as we see that Jamie Madrox might have saved the world by being a lazy drunk. That was my favorite part and really, there isn’t much else to like. Everything else just seemed forced and thrust upon the reader just because…Storm becomes a Horseman of Salvation, Apokolips is going to kill the Senator and Pixie can’t teleport…until she can. The hail mary does come (but not to save the series itself) when Jean gives a shoutout to all the mutants in the world and that does lead to a kind of cool cliffhanger.

Before that, we get more information on who stole the mutant antidote and why and get a cliched bit where Kitty saves the Senator because “That’s what X-Men do”. Both of these are seeds for later, but we’ve seen both of these in different iterations many times before.

That’s the problem with this issue and the series in general. We’ve seen it all so many times before that just changing the place settings doesn’t make the meal taste any different. Plus, it’s a meal that we keep eating over and over. I want something new to eat, dammit!

Final Thoughts:

This issue and series continue to be content to just move along on the ideas of so many stories before it. Everything from the art to the story to the characters come across as bland and cliched and I just want it to end so we can move on to, hopefully, bigger and better things. I know that each of the writers is capable of so much more, but maybe it’s a matter of too many cooks…


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