Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 Review

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Juan Cabal, Nolan Woodard, and VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 9, 2019

I have mentioned a couple of things on the podcast (who am I kidding, I can’t shutup!) over and over…I am a huge Tom Taylor fanboy and I’m not that into Spider-Man. I mean, how could I not love the creator of my favorite character (Gabby) who also happened to do one of my favorite comics over at DC (Injustice)?!?! So, when he announced that he would be doing a Spidey book, I thought to myself, if anyone can turn me into a Spider-Man fan it would be Tom Taylor. Well, is that really the case? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with Taylor showing us he knows the character and setting up the tone and scope of the book. I liked it from the start and especially loved the little girl who “squished” Spidey…cute as a button she is.

We then are introduced a bit to Peter’s life and a new character that factors in big time by the end of the issue. I love how it looked as if Pete was duped into meeting a girl before we go on to see him and Mary Jane hanging out.

I will give Taylor some props for tying the book into what is going on right now in Amazing. Yea, if you are reading both, some of it will be stuff you already know, but it’s done in a quick and fun way so I didn’t mind that much at all.

As far as the overall story goes, this issue is setup through and through. We meet Leilani, a young neighbor of Pete’s, who is involved with some bad dudes and while we aren’t sure exactly what’s going on by the end, there is a whole lot to be intrigued by. Plus, a setup of something that is sure to drive Peter totally insane…in a good way…for the reader since it will be hilarious to watch. It will probably be hell for Peter, though!

Where this first issue shines, is the character work and humor that Tom Taylor brings to all his books. The best thing about that is, it never feels like he is repeating a character from another book…you know, like “oh, that’s the Laura of this book” kind of thing.

There is a backup as well and while it is another bit of setup, it’s setup to bring on the feels. It is a bit of a cliche and you can see it coming from a mile away, but I still got a bit emotional anyway.

Tom Taylor does what he needs to in order to get the ball rolling here. He introduces his characters, sets the tone and presents an ongoing mystery all while getting everyone up to speed on Spidey’s world nowadays. I’m not going to tell you this was something revolutionary…it’s just a good start to a new Spider-Man book.

I am a fan of Juan Cabal as well and I like the look of this issue. I wish there was a little more for him to do since a bunch of scenes take place in Peter’s apartment building, but he works well within the story. I hope Tom lets him cut loose next issue!

Final Thoughts:

This is a good, just not amazing (or spectacular) start to a new Spider-Man book. Tom Taylor gets everyone up to speed on Peter/Spider-Man’s life and sets up a mystery that has me intrigued. I recommend this to old and new Spidey fans, I just think the best is yet to come.


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