Fantastic Four #5 Review

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Aaron Kuder, Adam Hughes, Michael Allred
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 26, 2018
Cover Price: $7.99

With all the weddings going around in comics these days, it’s easy to worry about plopping down almost $8 on this book. I mean, is this just another publicity stunt that ends in a non-wedding or even a switcheroo wedding? Well, I will tell you that isn’t the case here, but whether it’s worth it or not is entirely up to you…but I liked it a lot.

The issue is divided into sections with each one having a different art team. While that usually ends up making it all feel disjointed, that isn’t the case here. I really enjoyed the art throughout this issue with my favorite being the Micheal and Laura Allred bit (complete with a cool Pet Sounds Easter egg that made me smile)

As for the story, Dan Slott seems to be having fun with the idea that these sorts of issues never work out as he throws up multiple obstacles that could prevent the big day from happening. Reed is obsessed with a bunch of non-wedding (or so it seems) activities, Ben has forgotten how to dance, Johnny throws the bachelor party from hell and even Franklin has decided to get crazy with his new hairstyle. Thankfully, it all comes together by the end and even though it seems like the world is about to end, things work out in a very FF kind of way.

I really enjoyed this issue, partly because it did work out, but also because of the fun that Slott throws in to almost make it not work out. I really was expecting it to be a “maybe next time” sort of issue and I’m happy to say that wan’t the case. I do think that long-time Fantastic Four fans will get more out of this, but that kind of goes without saying.

Final Thoughts:

Anyone who is wary of yet another wedding gone wrong can check that a the door. However, Dan Slott makes sure to keep things interesting and in the end, gives fans an enjoyable issue with great art and some feels along the way.


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