Fantastic Four #17 Review

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Luciano Vecchio, Carlos Magno, Bob Quinn, and Sean Izaakse
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 11, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

I have no clue why, but this book seems like it hasn’t been out in a long time! The tale so far isn’t a story that I’m in love with, but I really am actually enjoying it! It also seems like this book, in general, isn’t making a lasting impression on a lot of readers. When it was first announced that the Fantastic Four will be coming back, everyone was thrilled! However, is the thrill gone? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start our issue with a flashback on Spyre. This flashback explains to the readers as to how these people got their powers as well as the origin of the monsters. Both the Overseer’s loyal comrades agreed to get in the tube to get tested AND to receiving their powers. But of course, one person gets turned into someone who can control water while the other gets turned into a monster called Scrum. This aspect of the issue seemed a bit cliche. Plus, it took up a third of the issue, that could have been cut down to just a few pages.

Next, readers jump to Ben leading Scrum and his army of monsters. Their revolution is trying to make justice for shoving monsters down. While Ben is pumping up the troops, Kor and Kaylo are sent to handle that situation. I don’t really know what their powers are… except that they appear to be “kind of” like Thor… maybe? It would have been helpful for Dan Slott to provide a quick overall synopsis of each main character and their abilities issues ago to weed out any uncertainty. The only one I can really understand is Elementa, mainly because this hero was just referenced.

We finally get caught up with Johnny and Sky (so that’s her name!) and it seems that Johnny has been drinking the Kool-Aid as he is conflicted about what to do. After all, she is his “soulmate”. And, can I say, the whole soulmate dialogue scene was probably one of the best scenes in this story arc so far. Everyone’s reaction and yelling in this scene was priceless. A book can never go wrong when it makes the reader have a chuckle.

As Reed and Sue head elsewhere, Sky and Johnny head to stop the monsters from invading. Now, at the beginning of the issue, you probably saw this next part coming. I know I did. Team Monsters vs. Team Unparalleled. With Ben on one team and Johnny on the other. Thankfully, Reed comes out of nowhere with the save and informs everyone that actually the Overseer is the real cause of the Fantastic Four!

Final Thoughts:

I’m really digging each issue as we go along! The artwork is very good and the dialogue is just Fantastic. I really believe that Dan Slott nails down each member of the team. I would recommend this issue to anyone. However, maybe they should start with part two of the story arc first. As interesting as this issue is, I do wish we would see more from the Overseer. This issue didn’t wow me but I definitely had a great time reading it. You should definitely check it out!


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