Deadpool #5 Review

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Martín Cóccolo
Colors by: Neeraj Menon
Letters by: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover art by: Martín Cóccolo, Neeraj Menon
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: March 29, 2023

Deadpool #5 finds Deadpool’s symbiote adventure coming to a close when a reborn Carnage emerges from Harrower’s implants to begin life anew. Unfortunately, Carnage’s new life takes an unexpected turn.

Is It Good?

Deadpool #5 could best be described as a “throw everything against the wall and see if it sticks issue” to end the current arc. In truth, Deadpool #5 isn’t a terrible issue or bogged down by strange gotcha moments that throw the story off, but it is filled with several weird twists that are more likely to get you to roll your eyes rather than cheer.

When last we left Deadpool, the symbiote implanted in his body burst forth in its final form as Cleetus Cassidy aka Carnage. Now, Cleetus lasts 60 seconds before a second symbiote bursts forth in the shape of a giant dog and eats Carnage before bonding with Deadpool as its “mother.” Mayhem ensues.

Where did the second symbiote come from? Harrower “forgot” she implanted multiple symbiotes in Deadpool’s body, paving the way for more symbiote shenanigans in the future. Alyssa Wong is engaging in the worst kind of “LOL so random” storytelling with plot twists that come out of nowhere, based on ultra-convenient contrivances.

In terms of writing execution, the corny humor doesn’t land. The multiple twists involving Doc Ock indicate some thought was expended on planning the story, but again, the twists come out of nowhere, giving the impression of randomness. And the ending sets up the next arc without the slightest hint of excitement or anticipation.

In short, this issue delivers the worst ending possible – an ending completely devoid of excitement, energy, or emotional connection. It’s utterly forgettable.

At least the art is very good. Cóccolo delivers grotesque, over-the-top monster designs and killer action. On the downside, Menon’s coloring application is good, but the color palette selection is washed out and faded.

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Final Thoughts:

Deadpool #5 tries very hard to end the arc with a big finale, but it generates bad humor, a lot of noise, and uninteresting twists. There’s no buzz, hype, or excitement; the only saving grace is excellent art with not-so-great coloring.


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