The Invincible Iron Man #4 Review

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Juan Frigeri
Colors by: Bryan Valenza
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: Kael Ngu
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: March 29, 2023

The Invincible Iron Man #4 brings Tony Stark face-to-face with Feilong in a fight for the control of the future of Stark Industries.

Is It Good?

That’s pretty much it. The Invincible Iron Man #4 is as thin as it gets for a single issue. Tony Stark confronts Feilong. Words are exchanged. Blows are exchanged. And the two part ways (for now) with stern words of warning. But for a few flashback/montage moments, the entire issue has only two scenes.

Are two scenes involving two characters getting huffy with each other worth a $3.99 cover price? Well, that’s up to you Mr./Mrs. Moneybags, but this reviewer likes a comic with more meat on the bone.

To be fair to Gerry Duggan, those two scenes are well done. Tony gets his verbal and physical licks in just as well as Feilong, so you get the feeling this issue is the prelude to a much bigger fight. Think of it as the press conference before a heavyweight title fight (without as much buzz), and you get the idea. The dialog hits hard, and the panel progression moves smoothly.

Juan Frigeri’s art is exceptional in this issue. For a comic that’s mostly angry banter, the visuals keep you engaged well enough. The figure work looks great, Valenza’s coloring is solid, and Caramagna flexes some creative muscle with expressive word balloons.

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Final Thoughts:

There’s not much to say about The Invincible Iron Man #4 because not much happens. Tony confronts Feilong. Words are exchanged. Blows are exchanged. And the combatants leave to fight another day. There are no surprises or revelations; calling this a setup issue is a gross overstatement.


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