X-Terminators #4 Review

  • Written by: Leah Williams
  • Art by: Carlos Gómez
  • Colors by: Bryan Valenza
  • Letters by: VC’s Travis Lanham
  • Cover art by: Federico Vicentini
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: December 28, 2022

X-Terminators #4 finds the kidnapped Amigas trapped in the Collectors aquarium for Alex’s personal amusement. How is a gaggle of mutants going to get home when they’re locked in an impenetrable cage somewhere in space?

Is It Good?

Let’s make a deal. I’m a reasonable reviewer, and you’re a reasonable reader of comics. I propose we rename X-Terminators to X-Bimbos. The X-writers get what they want (the bimbo-ification of the mutants), the readers get what they want (truth in advertising), and everybody walks away happy.

Leave a comment down below if you agree or if you have a better idea.
X-Bimbos #4 (almost) ends the arc with a daring escape by the Boom Boom, Jubilee, Dazzler, and X-23 from Alex’s “impenetrable” menagerie cages aboard the Collector’s spaceship. We learn through exposition that Alex was excommunicated from the Vampire Nation for unsanctioned experiments and has since formed a partnership with the Collector. Alex hunts down rare species for the Collector’s needs and his own amusement (e.g. fighting pits). Now, Alex has the X-Bimbos in his cage.

What does Alex intend to do with the X-Bimbos? Unknown. He never explains. How do the X-Bimbos escape? Boom Boom flushes turd bombs down the toilet after kink-shaming Alex for having a pee fetish.

Yeah, you read that right.

Everyone breaks out of their cages and escapes through a portal that lands them in the middle of a Krakoan baseball game, where the X-Bimbos are promptly taken into custody for bringing non-mutants onto Krakoa, making a mess, and creating an international incident against the Vampire Nation.

Once the explanations are finished and verified, the X-Bimobs are back in the good graces of the Quiet Council, the Vampire Nation is satisfied with the outcome, and Dazzler has the go-ahead to give Alex a piece of her mind.

The main down points of this issue (as if there aren’t enough already from the description above) are the same since this series started. All the X-Bimbos sound like the same screechy, obnoxious, trailer trash refugee. None of the characters sound like their canonical selves or different from each other. None of the characters treat the danger they’re in with any seriousness or urgency. And Alex, the main villain of the story, comes off as a one-dimensional stereotype of a bad boyfriend. Not even the villain is interesting.

As for the art, it’s wasted here. Gómez and Valenza deliver graceful, flowing lines, gorgeous color palettes, and an all-around vibrant comic. The art in this comic is exquisite, and it’s completely wasted on this nonsense script.

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Bits and Pieces

X-Bimbos #4 ends the main conflict with one more issue to go next month. The story is pure nonsense, the character work is awful, and the gorgeous art is wasted here.


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