Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 Review

Written by: Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly
Art by: Carmen Carnero
Colors by: Nolan Woodard
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: Carmen Carnero, Alejandro Sánchez
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: November 9, 2022

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 finds Bucky and Cap fighting over what to do next after the death of the Revolution. That’s it.

Is It Good?

Don’t let the brevity of the blurb above fool you. Truly, the only thing that happens in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 is a nearly issue-long fight between Cap and Bucky. Whether or not one extended fight scene is worth $3.99 is up to you.

When last we left the patriotic duo, Bucky shot Cap through the shoulder to kill Revolution. It worked, so now Bucky has the choice of staying to take Revolutions’ place in the Outer Circle or leaving with Cap. Bucky insists he will stay, but Cap insists he leaves.

And then they fight.

There’s nothing wrong with action in a superhero comic, but action for action’s sake makes for a very poor story. You don’t learn anything more about the Outer Circle or their plans in the Century Game. You don’t learn anything about Bucky’s past as an unwitting Starpoint.

You learn nothing. Action done right is supposed to further the story. On that count, Lanzing and Kelly dropped the ball. The rest of the issue rests on the quality of the art and fight choreography.

Carnero and Woodard do a superb job compensating for the non-existent story. The fighting is athletic, acrobatic, and eye-popping in all the best ways.

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Final Thoughts:

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #6 is a single fight scene that doesn’t further the story or reveals any information relevant to this arc. It’s a filler issue in every sense of the word.


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