[ Weird Dose of X] – The X-Men Podcast Ep 4: Reign of X & Ecks of Tens / Weird Science Marvel Comics


[ Weird Dose of X] – The X-Men Podcast Ep 4: Reign of X & Ecks of Tens – Jason and Chris continue their X-Coverage leading to the Judgement Day Event!


“As we trudge ever closer to Judgment Day, Chris and Jason catch y’all up on the fluffy middle section of the post-HoX/PoX landscape. This time out, talking Ecks of Tens and the entirety of the Reign of X era… including that costume party where something happened on Mars and that one lady died. Titles covered include: Well, all of ’em — plus: Way of X, S.W.O.R.D., X-Corp, Children of the Atom, & X-Men: The Trial of Magneto. Next time out, we’ll be talking about the Avengers and the role they might have during the upcoming cross-o-vent. If there are any Avengers-centric ditties you wanna hear us blather on about, be sure to let us know! As always, those deeper dives are already waiting for you on X-Lapsed over at https://chrisandreggie.podbean.com or https://chrisisoninfiniteearths.com!”




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