Amazing Spider-Man #88 Mini Review

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Michael Dowling
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 2, 2022

I guess the “Beyond Board” made an agreement that Zeb Wells gets to do all the heavy lifting on this book because while most of the other writers have been goofing off, Zeb has brought his A-Game to this book. This issue is no exception and we finally get to see just how evil Maxine Danger and Beyond is and get the Queen Goblin as the exclamation point!

While that is the wow moment, it’s obvious Ben’s recent memory wipe has taken away his moral compass and by the end, he does something that might end up putting a huge rift between him and Peter. In the here and now, though, I hated it, but that seems to be the whole point! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I also got angry at who Queen Goblin is, but again…that is the whole point!

The art style in this issue isn’t my favorite, but it didn’t take away from an issue that makes you wonder how far Beyond will go (Marcus is in big trouble and I’m already trying to figure out how to combine his name with Rhizome – Marczome?), who is going to stop them and how will things get fixed afterward.


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