Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1 Review

Writer: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Ibraim Roberson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 22, 2021

Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1 is more of what I was expecting from this series as we head back to the Wasteland for some one-shot, side story action. I’ll admit I was a bit confused with last week’s Wolverine story. Mainly because I am a big dummy and because I think it tried to be too big. Ethan Sacks gets the formula down a little better here, and because of that, I liked this issue more than the opener. Let’s jump into the review…

The story opens with Old Man Hawkeye looking badass and ready to stop a bad guy from doing bad things. Yea, it’s the Wastelands, so that means he is stealing fuel, but when Clint said, “Marco the Terrible,” I got excited. Yep, it’s the Juggernaut, and while he still has the armor, the Unstoppable Juggernaut needs a little more time to get things going. This is where this book shines! What might have felt like filler became pretty funny and stressed the one point that all the Old Man stuff should… getting old sucks! Luckily for Clint, an old friend shows up to help, which sends us to the next stage of the story.

I think these Wastelanders books are 100% for fans of the Old Man / Dead Man stuff, Ethan Sacks does a good job of giving new readers the information they need to read this issue. Even better, the story and info drops seem intriguing enough to inspire newer readers to check out the older stuff. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that feeling in last week’s Wolverine issue.

The rest of the issue has Clint heading off on a mission that feels big and important, but without spoiling too much, ends up being a bit more personal. Nevertheless, it allows Sacks to give readers some cool action scenes, and Ibrahim Roberson’s art makes it all look great. Some readers may get mad after seeing what this is all about, but the only ones who should be mad are the friends and family of the brave, departed souls that died in vain! I laughed out loud at the end, maybe because I am a monster!

As a fan of the Old Man books, I liked this issue. It’s not essential, but Ethan Sacks knows that. So instead of going big, he gives fans a fun little side story that might inspire new readers to check out the bigger stuff. Ibraim Roberson’s art is good, especially his character designs, which were excellent.

Final Thoughts:

Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1 gives fans an Old Man side story that might not be essential but was still enjoyable. Ethan Sacks has fun with it all, while Ibraim Roberson’s art makes it all look great.


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