Captain Marvel #27 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: David Lopez, Triona Farrel, and VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 17, 2021

Carol has had a tough time lately. She didn’t quite save the day in the future and then came back and broke up with Rhodey. So, what is a cosmic hero to do? It’s a Gals Night Out up in here! Kelly Thompson loves these cooldown issues, and this time, there isn’t a board game to be found. Yea, they didn’t call Kamala this time! Let’s see how it went.

I already mentioned it, but Carol is in a dark place. Actually, she’s in her bed, which is all comfy and nice. The problem is, she isn’t doing much of anything else except lying around. That includes answering her phone, so Jess has to make a house call to check up on her bud. Yea, that involves property damage, but friendship trumps broken windows every time.

Jess figures the only thing that can take Carol’s mind off her misery is Cat-Snakes that shoot acid, and luckily, that’s what’s attacking Central Park at that very moment. Carol does go, and the two fight these horrors, and it does the job, but maybe too well. Now all Carol wants to do is punch things. Over and over and over…

Up until this point, things are a bit generic, but that’s the point. Carol needs something to get her going, so as I said above, Girls Night Out! This is when things pick up, and I was so glad to see Lauri-Ell join in as well as Hazmat, who has been practicing meditation to control her powers.

Now, I keep saying it’s FGirls Night Out (!), but it turns out it’s more of a pity party (their words, not mine), and they force Carol into some speed dating which goes just as well as you can imagine. The return of the Cat-Snakes breaks it up, thankfully, and just when you think Carol is going to go back to punching her problems, Kelly Thompson throws a curveball at fans that seems weird and perfect at the same time. I won’t spoil it, but I am already working on a celebrity couple name that will put “Brangelina” and “Kimye” to shame. I probably should have come up with examples of lasting marriages, but I am not that smart!

Captain Marvel #27 was a nice cooldown issue after the last long arc, and it ends with some big sparks happening. The art was good throughout, and I liked Triona Farrell’s color work a lot.

Final Thoughts:

Kelly Thompson continues writing Captain Marvel for Carol’s fans, and as one, I am enjoying it. This issue sets up a big thing by the end but is more about helping out a friend who is down in the dumps, even if she doesn’t think she wants help. Sure, it’s a pity party, but it was nice all the same.


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