New Mutants #14 Review

Writer: Vita Ayala

Art: Rod Reis, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Tom Mullet


Price: $3.99

Release Date: December 16th, 2020

Here it comes! Vita Ayala’s first real stab at NEW MUTANTS. So, with Ayala kicking off this new run, where do you think it will start? Easy… with all the younger mutants running wild, blowing things up, and integrating powers to see who gets crowned King of the Mountain. However, something is lurking in the shadows. Something ancient. Something ravenous. And its favorite victims are young mutants. Let’s jump into NEW MUTANTS #14 and take a look!

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Readers, this series has lost its footing since Hickman’s space opera left this Star System back in issue 3. NEW MUTANTS has been searching for its identity, which is a shame. I loved its direction early on. However, it’s been fleeting for months now. Well, enter Vita Ayala with an opportunity to kick this series in the $&@! So, does it look like it’s starting in a good direction? Truthfully, the opening pages were extremely fascinating. It was a tale from long ago that hooked this reviewer and had me eager to learn more. However, once the story flipped back to the present, everything began to stall out.

Ayala had a ton of conversation about insignificant aspects to the overall story that were meant as jokes and sly humorous remarks that just didn’t stick. Additionally, the characteristics of this issue were focused more on the upbringing of new, younger mutants. Now, this isn’t a bad concept except I just want to see the main core team again from when the series originally kicked off. The chemistry with the main cast of characters is what I’m craving and what I thought this series was going to be at its conception. I don’t need new recruits, the B-Team in Nebraska, or a focus on another generation at Krakoa. Granted, these kids tie into the plot and the new threat. So, I see why these aspects were introduced. Plus, once the team gets to tangle with the new villain, it’s going to be epic. However, the story was just a bit lackluster this week as it set up the direction of Ayala’s run.


The potential is there. I can see it scratching at the surface and Ayala has some great pieces to work with within this week’s NEW MUTANTS tale. However, there was a huge focus on tons of little mutants that meant very little to me. Furthermore, I’ve already established in my other reviews that each of these X-MEN titles will probably have a bit of a hangover after X OF SWORDS before they get back into the swing of things. Truthfully, the villain and direction are rather interesting. However, as a single issue, it opened with so much curiosity and just fizzled out with too many uneventful characters, awkward humor that didn’t hit the mark, and a weird Battle Royale that simply didn’t fit after the recent crossover event. After what just happened in Otherworld having mutants fight against mutants, the premise of the very same thing (but for fun) seems poorly timed and ignorant. Regardless, Ayala has the foundation laid for what’s to come leaving my expectations high enough for the next issue. Nevertheless, I still needed a bit more this week. Let’s see how this book spins as 2021 kicks off.


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