Champions #1 Review

Writer: Eve Ewing
Artist: Simone Di Meo, Federico Blee, and VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 7, 2020

I have not been a fan of the Outlawed storyline since Marvel first announced it. I love young heroes, and while a “Kid Civil War” might intrigue some readers who want a more mature slant, I like characters such as Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales because they come from a place of hope, wonder, and excitement at being young heroes. None of the issues leading up to the Champions reboot, including the actual Outlawed issue, have changed my mind in the least, but I am hoping that Eve Ewing makes me a believer right here, right now. Does she? Let’s find out if a 34-year-old writer can show me what the kids are all about these days and why I should care…

The issue kicks off with some narration, and Miles Morales heading off to Brooklyn Visions Academy. It’s a bunch of recap to fill in any reader who didn’t read the Outlawed issue or can’t remember what happened since it was so long ago. Eve Ewing forces the issue a bit right off the bat, and unfortunately, she makes it seem like there are only two sides to the fight, with no grey area between them, which makes it seem very surface-level.

The issue continues with a Ms. Marvel announcement, some more sides drawn, and a big meeting of the Champions. Ewing throws so many characters I love into the mix, but the meeting itself feels more like a set-up (which it is) for trouble to happen. The Champions team itself is in shambles. The Coles Disaster has them pointing fingers at each other, and it felt like they would disband by the end of the issue, except for the attack by a non-surprising enemy.

Ewing leaves the big surprise for the cliffhanger, and it is huge. Besides that, she also does an excellent job of enticing the reader to continue even if it’s only to make sure some fan-favorite characters are okay.

This issue did nothing to sway me from not liking this whole Outlawed concept. However, I loved the team (though it already feels like Ewing is whittling it down), and the cliffhanger reveal was great. I hope going forward, though, that the political slant gets more depth to it because it just feels forced in to give the book a “ripped from the headlines” feel right now.

Final Thoughts:

Champions #1 probably won’t change anyone’s mind over the Outlawed storyline. Eve Ewing does, however, set up a cool team that’s in the fight for their lives against known and unknown enemies. To get there, though, the reader will have to get through a bunch of recap, but the Simone Di Meo art makes it all look great. Overall, this is a decent issue to get everyone up to speed, and I will be back next issue.


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