Outlawed #1 Review

Writer: Eve Ewing

Art: Kim Jacinto, Espen Grundetjurn, VC’s Clayton Cowles, David Curiel, and Pepe Larraz

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 18th, 2020

Eve Ewing opens this issue with Dragons, explosions, and our fellow teen vigilante’s on the run… dare I say, Outlaws! Why are our young Marvel heroes on the run? Well, I’m glad you asked. The United States passed a law that will rock the Marvel Universe to its core. According to the world view, they have had enough of teen heroes and the crackdown has begun. Let’s jump into OUTLAWED #1 by Eve Ewing to see how she launches this new era that will send shockwaves across the Marvel Universe.

Before diving into this issue, I certainly came with my share of assumptions. From reading the previews and taking wild guesses as to the direction this opening installment would take, there were definitely accurate and predictable elements involved. However, Eve Ewing managed to develop a really fun and rather enjoyable comic centered around a topic that I feel like has been done before. Honestly, the law is rather silly, almost laughable, and obvious. But, Ewing makes the teen heroes refreshing, exciting, and interesting.

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The Champions take center stage throughout this issue with a sprinkling of other random teen heavyweights who will also be affected by the “Teen Registration Act”. My overall problem is that it smells like a Teen Civil War without any teens supporting this act. Basically, it’s the government versus teen vigilantes. My biggest concern is that there really appears to be no turning back. I feel like this story paints Marvel into a pretty big corner. Teen heroes cannot exist anymore, with good logical reasons in my opinion. So, how will the Champions or any underage group of heroes ever be permitted to “be heroes”? Well, I guess I’ll have to continue through the event to see where Eve Ewing is planning on taking this as well as what the end game is after the story is all said and done.


Readers will leave this issue pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the issue was, especially coming from a reviewer that has read very little CHAMPIONS or other teenage hero books. If you’re looking for something charmingly different to wet your whistle and have a few extra smackeroos to throw down on this one-shot, I highly recommend giving OUTLAWED #1 a shot. If you’re an MS. MARVEL, MILES MORALES, or CHAMPIONS fan, this event and issue are totally for you. Simply dive in headfirst and you’ll have a blast. Give it a look and let me know what you think. Overall, this reviewer feels like it deserves a fair shake from all comic fans. And remember, if you can’t head out to your Local Comic Shop this week, give the Marvel Unlimited App or ComiXology a try. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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