Captain Marvel #17 Review


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Guest Artist: Francesco Manna

Guest Colorist: Carlos Lopez

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

After an all-out assault against her own friends and teammates, saving parts of New York from Mr. Macho Misogynist, Plus! watching a Star be born and fizzle right before our eyes; Carol has earned a bit of respite. So let’s all follow the stay at home way of life and Quarantine with Hazmat suits up, Adamantium claws out, Full Spectrum shades on, and Lazy Spider Sweat Pants properly untied for maximum expansion. As the two Marvels of the Marvel universe (Captain and Ms.) take us on a fun little pit stop into shenanigans territory with this soon to be classic issue…GAME NIGHT! (Editors note: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally…or are they…I’ll never tell.)

The title and intro paint the picture of this issue. Man, I love these little charter issues that superhero comics forget about doing from time to time. This is a grounding issue, it reminds you that these super-powered characters are supposed to be like you and me.

What better way than Poker Night! Unless your religious beliefs frown upon such behavior. Then it’s up to your friends and compromise to lead you into compromising positions.

Final Thoughts:

I truly loved this quick one and done issue. Just some friends playing some games until a NEW Villain pops in to give them something to escape from, and possibly seeding his reappearance in future issues to come. I also think Francesco Manna’s art will fit in beautifully with the artists that came before. This left me smiling with warmth in my heart and sometimes that’s all you need to get through the next Event.


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