Wolverine Weapon X #1 (2009) Preview

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Ron Garney, Jason Keith, and VC’s Cory Petit

Price: $3.99

Released: April 8th, 2009

In the jungles of Colombia, people are turning up dead, whole villages brutally slaughtered by a team of soldiers who move through the shadows like ghosts. On the streets of San Francisco, Logan learns that the files from the old Weapon X program, the blueprints for building Adamantium-laced super soldiers like himself, have fallen into the hands of the evil corporation, Roxxon. Once again, it seems, someone is looking to build the perfect killing machine. That means it’s time for Wolverine to step in, and remind them that someone already did. Plus 8 pages of Director’s Cut Extras!

Parental Advisory

If you’re interested in this series, click HERE to grab the WOLVERINE WEAPON X (2009) trade by Jason Aaron and read along with me from home. I think you’ll really enjoy it! If Jason Aaron is one of your favs, click HERE for more of his amazing works on Amazon. And finally, if you’d like to get caught up with the current WOLVERINE run by Ben Percy, click HERE for all related trades.

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