X-Men/ Fantastic Four #3 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Art: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Ransom Getty, Karl Story, Laura Martin, Andrew Crossley, Peter Pantazis, and VC’s Joe Caramagna

Price: $3.99

Release Date: March 25th, 2020

So far, the story has been more Fantastic Four driven than X-Men centric. The Good Professor has made endeavors to get Franklin Richards to live on Krakoa with the other mutants. However, Reed, being the super-intelligent, overly worried, helicopter Father, placed an inhibitor on his son so he would be unable to enter Krakoa by means of a gate. Well, as we would all imagine, that blew up in Reed’s (Father of the Year) face prompting Franklin and Valeria to stow away on the Marauder’s boat, which actually wasn’t heading “directly” to Krakoa and eventually became intercepted by Uncle-Doctor Doom. Meanwhile, thinking Charles kidnapped his boy, the Fantastic Four snuck onto Krakoa, fought the X-Men on their home turf, escaped, and have been shot down on some random island awaiting another battle with the X-Men while Franklin’s whereabouts are still in question to both parties. That’s because Uncle-Doctor Doom is working on a way to restore Franklin’s powers. Now, I think we’re all caught up! Let’s dive into X-MEN/ FANTASTIC FOUR #3 by Chip Zdarsky to see the fallout from Reed’s parental choices as well as the ensuing fight that’s about to unfold between the X-Men and the Fantastic Four who’ve never really seen eye to eye.

To be truthful, I have really been enjoying the story to date. Why? Well, it has all the elements of a great story. With Chip Zdarsky at the helm, Doom and the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and a war waging between them, what could possibly go wrong? Politely, almost everything. Now, that may be a stretch. But, here me out. After reading this issue, it happens to be slow-moving with little plot development and very underwhelming. The blueprint for the purpose and direction of the story is missing almost entirely and I’m ultimately losing interest in the title. Readers, this is extremely out of character and highly irregular for a Zdarsky story. Furthermore, the art, lead by Terry Dodson, lacks depth and detail seemingly ripping me out of the story. Smaller panels are outlined with heavy black lines and characters in the background of panels were often times blurry. Additionally, the black lines transformed into almost a focal point of color and design throughout the issue taking away from the bright and colorful nature that would normally be laced throughout an issue with customed heroes.

Readers, I simply don’t understand what the point of this event/ crossover is supposed to be anymore and I’m frankly losing interest. Will Franklin get his powers? Will Franklin move to Krakoa? At this point, I’ve already lost curiosity and investment in the series. Furthermore, Zdarsky magically plops the Fantastic Four and the X-Men on Doom’s secret Latvarian Island. How did that happen? Maybe I missed something last issue and Reed knew where his kids were after leaving Krakoa? But, I was under the impression that if he knew where they were he would have just gone directly to them in the first place instead of going to Krakoa initially. Plus, after there big, blow up battle an issue ago, why would Susan so easily team up with the X-Men to help them? Readers, I’m just not buying any of this.


Again, this is totally uncharacteristic of Zdarsky. His work on DAREDEVIL, INVADERS, and even SPIDER-MAN: LIFE STORY was nothing like this. Everything is too neat and tidy. Everything lacks depth. The story is all surface level and it feels like we’re being told the story instead of being apart of it. The color choices by Andrew Crossley and Peter Pantazis dull the issue causing the comic to appear flat and subdued while the cliffhanger involving Wolverine seemed poorly placed and out in the left-field. Readers, this series should breed repercussions in all X-titles but it doesn’t seem like it will at all. It doesn’t even feel like an X-title. It feels completely disjointed from the other stories. Furthermore, is the cliffhanger with Wolverine going to be skimmed over or will it carry weight and merit? Frankly, will the entire series carry and levity? It waits to be seen. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit disappointed with this issue as well as the series. At this point, I’m going to see the series through but only because it’s practically done. However, I wouldn’t pick it up now if you haven’t already. Feel free to hit me up online and let me know what you think!


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2 thoughts on “X-Men/ Fantastic Four #3 Review

  1. The Fantastic Four learned the coordinates when they were spying on the Council when Xavier determined them.

    It doesn’t feel like an X-book because the FF editorial office is handling it.

    As you say, Chip Zdarsky is a team player. So he’s not going to reveal any secrets of the X-books, and he’s not going to affect the continuity of a book he isn’t writing. Chris Claremont cured Kitty in his Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men mini-series because he was the X-Men writer. Dan Slott came up with the plot about Franklin’s power loss, so he’ll address, barring him getting fired from the FF. I predict that Franklin won’t get cured or move to Krakoa and won’t even set foot on it. The first two have been pretty much spoiled by the Empyre preview.


    1. And that’s the shame of it… so what’s the point of the story? If Chip can’t give Franklin back his powers nor can he change continuity in an x book, then what was the point? I assumed he would just be adopted into the fold like Zeb Wells has been with Hellions. But who knows. Thanks for the read and the clarity. I should of went back to reread the prior issue to verify. Again, I appreciate the read!!! Thanks man!! And yes chip is a good team player for sure


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