Runaways #30 Review

Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Art: Andrés Genout, Dee Cunniffe, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Kris Anka
Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 18th, 2020

Well after the last issue, my sudden excitement for this story went to a halt. I just realized the book isn’t really doing much. Each month I am shocked to learn that this book has not been canceled. The sales alone really should be on Marvel’s radar. One of the lowest selling books. Personally, I thought this story arc was going to be a game-changer. Maybe Marvel should have taken my advice about it. Enough negativity! Let’s dig in and see what we have here… (hopefully, things will be more positive by the time I am done!)

Well after last issue’s reveal that once you are part of the J-Team, you basically signed your death sentence; let’s begin this issue on a happy note, a photoshoot! But it seems that jealousy has taken a new name, Doc Justice. As the photographer wants to take pictures of the new squad. And as I am reading this, I get a strange West Coast Avengers vibe (the recent one with Kelly Thompson as the writer). I will always give credit to the writer when they have done their research. Only a couple panels later Rainbow does make a reference to the West Coast Avengers book! Now could be the artwork but when we see Doc Justice looking at the squad, it does seem like something sinister is coming our way…

As the photoshoot takes place, Gert meets up with Matthew to discuss where she sees her future. Which at this point she wants to be the guy behind the screen, a Matthew 2.0. At least she isn’t sitting on the sidelines twiddling her thumbs and both her and Matthew are excited about the future. For a while, I was worried that Gert was getting huge neglect, hopefully, things will change, I am a fan of Runaways, including all the members.

The J-Team prepare for their next mission, we learn the enemy is someone called Ashley. As they are preparing, Gert does some snooping to find some dirt on Doc. But what she finds out is more shocking! All past members of the J-Team and some stats on them. In one of the pages in the center, we see a member of the team, SPF. Who’s real name is Ashley, definitely caught my attention. That and we learn Matthew was a former member, Kid Justice. Now Gert does some freaking out and calls only one person she knows, the Wilder’s residence. Unfortunately, no one answered, but Gert does mention she is surprised it is still working… Mainly for Alex, who we haven’t seen in almost twenty issues. I really hope it isn’t a throw-away panel.

As we check out the page of Gert and Old Lace heading to rescue her friends, I have to give credit for the artwork. The art in this book is so gorgeous! Best I have seen! The details in this issue really come through.

As Matthew tries to stop her from leaving, it is only then that we learn Doc Justice has been killing off his team members. Kind of wish that was shown better when we saw the computer screens. Apparently, the mission the team is on now is their death sentence. In order to stop Gert, Matthew pulls out a gun. All I can say is “you have caught my attention!” When that gun came out, oh snap I am fully tuned in and Matthew finally grew a pair. And the just like a snap of the fingers, in one page, five panels; somehow Rainbow makes me feels sorry for Matthew. He lets her go but hopefully, she makes it in time…

Final Thoughts:

Give Rainbow a round of applause! This issue has it all! Great artwork, great story, and great dialogue. This was one issue, I was sad that it ended and can’t wait for the next issue! This issue really surprised me, and I would highly recommend! Even if this is your first time reading a Runaways issue. After you read this issue, you will want to read more. The art, the nod to West Coast Avengers, the call out to Alex, and the gun, nothing but smiles throughout my face from this Runaways fan!


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