Weird Science Marvel’s Best Covers of the Week Picks (February 12 2020)


The selected favorite covers from the week of February 12th included two books picked from three of our site’s reviewers


Chosen by @besottedgeek and @chefaey33, Amazing Spider-Man 39 features Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson in a heated debate. No one can accuse this comic of having a cover that lies, the best bulk of this issue does in fact revolve around the two cover characters going verbal blow for verbal blow on a recording podcast episode hosted by JJ himself. A lot of old issues come up from these two, and its marvelous!


@wolfcypher‘s pick: Meanwhile, on a deserted jungle island, Venom symbiote host Eddie Brock fights for his life in a futile war against every living thing crawling on the island in Venom 23. I’m a sucker for Mark Bagley’s art, and his Eddie (Venom) is arguably one of the best takes on the character, ever. FIGHT ME. Fun fact: David Michelinie, co-creator of both Venom and Eddie, described to Todd McFarlane, original Venom artist (the other co-creator of Venom, Eddie Brock, and creator of Spawn) when designing the look of Eddie, to use Arnold Schwarzenegger as a basis for Eddie. Now Eddie is channeling his inner Arnie as he effectively is written as Arnold from the movie Predator throughout this arc. Heh…

Both of these issues were reviewed by me. Bias, much?

Even more reviews are on our site Click here to check out what’s featured on the main page.

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