Spirits of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons #1 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson
Art: Roland Boschi, Dan Brown, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Jay David Ramos, and Philip Tan

Price: $4.99
Release Date: February 12th, 2020

Spirts of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons #1. Just saying the title brings a number of anecdotes to mind: Be Careful What You Wish For, Could Be A Monkey Paw, Could Be Too Good to Be True, or…It’s the Devil’s Hand. Oh my! I have been complaining about the last couple of issues about not knowing the characters involved in the story going on in Ghost Rider. Apparently, that calls for a spin-off title or one-shot or annual or whatever this is before us to fill us in on who Lilith is. I just have one question. Why? Why does the information and story presented in this title come out under a different logo, title, or banner with a number one emblazoned on the cover? Well for the number one bump plus a dollar of course. Just to be clear I am just hating on the concept I have yet to judge this comic. You may say I was just judging a book by its cover.

The Story of Lilith goes thusly… Adam ( from the cover “very little” band Adam and Eve) and Lilith were together before Adam and Eve, and together they spawned ugly children. God being a man of good taste smyted those ugly children and sent Lilith packing to the damaged goods farm in a more temperate climate. I think it was “Florida.” While in what appears to be “Florida” Lilith and Mephisto start to hook up. But then Mephisto started to pay more attention to the humans. Leaving Lilith to apparently do nothing for the entire history of marvel comics up till the point Mephisto got trapped in the Vegas Casino The Inferno.

Now that Johnny sits on the throne in “Florida” Lilith tries to cozy up to Johnny who is like Uh Uh girlfriend. While snapping his fingers in a sashay shanté way he lights her up like a candle with his bad Florida breath.

Burned by another man Lilith goes to Limbo trying to find some other big strong man to make her seem important to our story. She offers Belasco an opportunity to combine powers with her so they can unite all the low lives in “Florida” under One King and One Queen. I don’t really see what she is bringing to the table in this situation. She has no power, Johnny’s interaction with her thus far is evidence of that fact. She acts as if she is telling Belasco a big secret for his ears only when the secret is hay we should team-up. Crazy. The only Important info I got from this interaction is; this conversation happened before Danny Ketch became the Spirit of Corruption.

Back in “Florida”, Lilith finds Jack O’ Lantern climbing his way up the many garbage-filled gutters of “Florida” trying to find his way out. Lilith offers to help him get out of “Florida.” Jack asks, what is in it for him? Lilith response I get “Florida.” To which I imagine his response is; Take it! Good Riddance! No one wants “Florida! Or something like that.

As is customary in “Florida” Lilith got Knocked Up just from brushing up against Jack O’ Lantern. Giving birth minutes later to her Sexier self.

While Lilith whores herself out to anyone who will have her Johnny has to constantly kick the crap out of anyone and everyone that comes to challenge him all while losing all sense of time and reality. Is he wearing the crown or is the crown-wearing him?

Back topside Danny Ketch makes his way out of Limbo in a testament of how low can he go, he hits Caretaker. Granted she sent him with little information and totally defenseless to acquire Necrosis or The Spirit of Corruption and she specifically sent Danny there knowing he would be receptive to the Spirit allowing an easy transition to the bonding process but…well that might deserve a good shove at least.

Pissed off Danny goes stomping off to the liquor store again to drowned his woes. When he is confronted with Jack O’ Lantern. Jack is there to take Danny out. Lilith has deemed it so. Danny with the Spirit of Vengeance worries her and she wants her worries eliminated, but all she has done is ignite the embers of The Spirit of Corruption.

Final Thoughts:

This was an okay but lackluster issue. Roland Boschi a veteran to Ghost Rider. He did great on Jason Aaron’s run. He seems to do his best art when it comes to the more human-looking characters. Like in the latter third of this book. But the first two thirds just seemed a bit less defined, slightly rushed, and unimaginative. The writing was basic, flat, and cliche’. I’m a fan of Brisson but this was an issue about Lilith and I feel like I got a Wikipedia entry that was hollow and shallow.


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