Fantastic Four #18 Review

Writer: Dan Slott

Art: Paco Medina, Francesco Manna & Carlos Magno

Price: $3.99

Release Date: January 22nd, 2020

Fantastic Four #18 continues the Point of Origin arc, and oh my god… Dan Slott has taken the Four to an amazing place. The 500 monster mob of Freak Alley, led in a charge by The Ever Loving Blue-Eyed Thing, were rebelling and the unparalleled were rocked to inaction… Holy hells balls! This entire arc has had me in mind of the current escalating protests in Hong Kong. The citizens of Lowtown rising, Johnny conflicting with himself over a woman, The Thing… no wait, that would be spoilers. Guys, Slots writing has that easy casual demeanor that flows from panel to panel effortlessly and I love every minute of it.

The artistic talents of Paco Medina, Francesco Manna, and Carlos Magno lighting the fires of passion in the scenes with Johnny and Sky, conveying the decayed Scorcese-esque Lowtown is a swift second in my opinon. The colors are vibrant and pull hard on the reigns of the storyline to keep it all from going haywire.

Additionally, there is real emotion in the narrative, the art style, and the struggles of revelations. Readers will find themselves captivated deep within the issue caring more and more about the outcome. Frankly, it’s not every comic that does that, especially in recent memory.

Final Thoughts

I need more of this. It’s a revelation, as in the storm that gave them their powers. And, it’s a powerful message about how doing things for the best of intentions, can also lead you to agonies. It’s serious stuff. Plus, if you haven’t read the series so far but find yourself having room in your heart, go back to issue 15 and read from there. It has made me understand and empathize with Thing and Johnny in new ways.


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