Doom 2099 #1 Review

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Marco Castiello
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 11, 2019

I have not been a fan of the 2099 books so far, mainly because I just am not getting the feeling of connectivity with them and thus am wondering what purpose they are serving. If it’s just a little stroll down memory lane, the odd twists that some are taking seem way off and really, I can just stroll on back to the originals and have a much better time anyway. That said, I have enjoyed a couple of them (I’m lying…I really only have liked Venom), but my love of all things Zdarsky has me hoping that Doom will be added to that shortlist. Let’s find out if it is…

The issue opens up by throwing you headfirst into the Ravage where some Thorites are dragging a body that is obviously Doom…but is it? That’s the big mystery of the issue and it’s a cool one to try to unravel.

One thing about this issue that I can praise is Chip Zdarsky nailing Von Doom’s voice and attitude. Even as down and out as he is, he knows he’s the genius that the world needs even if they don’t know it. When Reed shows up (in a crazy way), things get even better and the arguing (of the mind) is classic.

As far as the story goes, we see Victor tighten up his belt and go from nothing to (almost) the Doom we know and love to hate. Zdarsky has Doom twist and turn his way to confront his big bad self in the sky, only to be cast aside again to possible start all over. There is time travel and reality distortion at play and the issue is definitely one of those that deserve at least a second run through.

I liked this issue for the dialogue and characterization of Doom, but as a 2099 issue, I am still confused with what the end game is here. If things are revealed later than tie all of this together I will stand corrected, but right now, I think this 2099 iteration is a huge disappointment. So, would I recommend this issue? Sure, but just for a quick mind-bending read with some interesting art.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a crazy jaunt with Doom that may or may not be real, then I can recommend this to you. If you are as confused as I am about why we are getting these 2099 books, this isn’t going to give you an answer. Still, it looks good and is worth a glance just for its depiction of Doom himself.


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