Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Paul Davidson

Colorist: Matt Milla

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists: Josemaria Casanovas; Ozgur Yildirm

Release Date: December 11th, 2019

Price: $4.99

Marvel’s mini event continues in Dan Abnett’s ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE: SILVER SURFER #1! What role will the Surfer play in battling the spread of the Cancerverse? Grab your boards and let’s find out!


The issue opens with our hero standing on his board at the edge of galactic space, contemplating what he was and what he has become. In fact, the Surfer is in self-imposed exile because he fears what he may be becoming. It’s all very existential, and you expect nothing less from this character. Dan Abnett handles it all superbly, and it harkens to a similar bald, blue text-boxed character from that other company, in the best of ways. 

Before the Surfer can start composing dark poetry, an enormous, decimated ship rips a hole through space-time and hurtles toward him. Luckily our boy isn’t exactly tangible at this point, and passes right through it. Desperate for answers, Silver Surfer scours the wreckage for survivors, finally finding one hurtling to her death in the upper atmosphere of a planet. SS pulls a Patrick Swayze from “Ghost”, inhabiting the alien woman’s body just in time to take over her consciousness and deploy a cosmic parachute. While in her head, he sees what is becoming of the Negative Zone, before the woman comes to and actually explains the situation.


Let’s take a minute and talk art. It’s not often the colorist gets mentioned first, but Matt Milla deserves it. The oily look of the Silver Surfer works so well, and the colors Milla uses in the Negative Zone pop with brilliant reds, pinks and purples. Artist Paul Davidson ain’t no slouch either, and excels in the technical drawings of the ships and the monstrous Revengers of the Cancerverse. The only time Davidson’s art falls flat is with Robert Reynolds. Ironically, his Sentry isn’t bad.


Back to the story, Silver Surfer punches his way through to the Negative Zone to find it indeed in shambles, thanks to the spreading Cancerverse. He is confronted almost immediately by twisted versions of Ronan and Captain Marvel, and several of their minions. The Surfer goes ham on them, thinking himself untouchable, until Captain Marvel blasts him. Before being infected himself, SS vaporizes Marvel, and that’s that. Excessive to the point of distracting onomatopoeia doesn’t help the brief fight scene.


Silver Surfer hightails it out of there, narrowly escaping a bunch of Revengers, before conveniently stumbling upon the aforementioned Robert Reynolds, just chillin’ on an asteroid. Bob spins the sob story about how Mr Fantastic told him to go to the Negative Zone to get rid of the evil Void half of his alter-ego, Sentry. Which worked, except now Void is free and the cause of the Scourge. Oops. Since Reynolds is half a man, and SS is intangible, it’s “Ghost” time again, and the issue ends with a Sentry Surfer hybrid, set on fixing this mess.



ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE: SILVER SURFER #1 is another solid book of the mini event. Dan Abnett nails the voice of Silver Surfer, and this issue gives a lot of answers as to the who, how, and why of the “Scourge”. Paul Davidson pulls his own weight, but the star on the art side is Matt Milla and his beautiful coloring. It may be an event nobody asked for, and we’ll see how it ends, but ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE: SILVER SURFER #1 is a worthy read.


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