Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #3 Review

Written by: Jim Zub
Art by: Lan Medina, Craig Yeung, Marcio Menyz, Frederico Blee, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 13, 2019

I have not been enjoying this book mainly because the fun that seemed to be inherent in a crazy team like this just hasn’t materialized. Against my better judgment, I am giving it one last issue to win me over before I pass it off to some other sucker…I mean one of the new guys on the site. So, who will I be reviewing issue #4? Let’s find out…

Alright, so we start by finding out this story ties into Avengers No Surrender… a book I did not enjoy. Great! It is just set up for the story, but why jump through these hoops for something so simple? We then get to see Gorilla-Man and Broo doing some satellite repair. There are a couple of jokes that don’t hit and we leave the scene with our two “man” team checking out an anomaly on the moon. Me thinks there is trouble afoot!

Back on Earth, we do get to something I like…Mockingbird possibly joining the team. I’m sure she won’t since I really want it to happen, but a guy can dream, right? She is here now and her, John Jameson, Okoye, and Black Panther head off to the moon because you guessed it, Broo and Gorilla-Man are indeed in trouble.

When they get to the moon, there is no sign of Broo or Gorilla-Man , but they are attacked by giant, green tentacles. Sexy! Um, I mean Scary! They figure out that they can fight their way into the moon itself where they find Gorilla-Man and Broo in a suspended dream state where they are living out their greatest dreams. It’s almost something you’d give to say, the man who has everything! I know the plants here are green, but if they were BLACK they probably would have no MERCY… Nothing is spelled out, though, and like last issues Void Town, it just feels like things are forced to happen just to get a story going.  Because of that, it all feels so arranged and disconnected as we move along.

The issue ends with Black Panther being saved by an explosion that takes him out of the fight which leaves Mockingbird as the only one left to fight the good fight as everyone else is in La La Land.  It’s a good thing she came along, right?!?

It should come as no surprise that this is the last issue I will be reading of this book. It’s not the story that’s the problem since there is barely one here, but the lack of any sort of characterization going on. Sure, Jim Zub can make everyone tell lame jokes, but the cool characters just whither on the vine. With two issue story arcs, it seems like everything is suffering as the team has to get in and out of the current adventure so quickly that there is no time to explore anything. What we end up with is a really good looking issue that just feels generic as hell. Oh, have (black) mercy!

When is the fun going to start?  A quick glance at the roster would make you think this book was made just for the fun factor alone, but it seems that Zub isn’t down for that…unless a piss your pants joke has you in stitches. The only stitches I might get out of all this is from banging my head on my desk!

The series started with the team being scattered without them ever being a team, all to set up these little story arcs.  WHY???  Plus, when we get to the stories themselves,  there are just so many missed opportunities.  You have a story here that involves a problem with the Moon…you have a werewolf on the team…that kind of seems like a set up for some crazy fun.  Oh well…

Final Thoughts:

Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #3 starts up a new story and while I thought adding Gorilla-Man and Broo to the mix would increase the fun factor, they are taken out right away and we get another generic start with little to no story setup. I tried this series out based on the crazy team, but for some reason, Jim Zub seems intent on finding ways not to use them and that’s a shame.


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