Writer: Roger Stern

Art: Ron Lim, Espen Grundetjern, VC’S Joe Caramagna, Patrick Zircher, and Matt Yackey

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 25th, 2019

The Siege of Avengers Mansion is over, and the Avengers are battered and stunned in this week’s all-new classic tale from writer Roger Stern and INFINITY WAR’S artist Ron Lim. It’s the worst time of all for Loki to discover a new source of mystic energies – one that connects to another particular villain and one that will have horrible consequences for all of reality. Let’s jump into AVENGERS LOKI UNLEASHED #1 to see who will remain standing by the end of this issue!

If you’re interested in a fun, classic adventure with some of your favorite heroes, this issue is simply for you! Roger Stern takes fans back to events immediately after AVENGERS #227 to launch a one-shot that truly had an astonishing ending that this reviewer didn’t see coming. Granted, it’s been retconned throughout the years. Nonetheless, readers should pay close attention to the conclusion of the comic to see a ridiculous reveal that really left this critic questioning a character that he barely ever heard anything about in his life.

As jaw-dropping as the reveal was, the issue still took some time to get moving. Stern didn’t make the issue too wordy, it was easy to follow and well-paced. However, the beginning of the issue felt like a chore and took a few moments to get this reviewer into the narrative. Readers need to have patience towards the beginning of the story, stick with it, and watch as the issue takes off and hits its stride around the halfway mark. Furthermore, Stern’s classic, familiar tone mixed with Ron Lim’s updated unmistakably rich art was refined, smooth, and clearly detailed guiding this reviewer across each page with ease. Readers interested in a leisurely inviting tale will truly fall in love with this story needing no prior knowledge to really enjoy this anecdote.


If you’ve been reading comics for a long time, Stern’s tale will be a refreshing take that you very well might have been missing in today’s narratives. If you’re new to comics due to the draw of the movies Marvel has pumped out lately, pick this issue up to get a glimpse of some of the historical components throughout the chronology of this comic landscape. There really is a little bit of something for everyone in this issue, especially the ”Big” reveal with one of Doctor Strange’s classic foes. Pick this issue up and let me know what you think.


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