House of X #5 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Pepe Larraz, Marte Garcia, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller

Price: $4.99

Release Date: September 18th, 2019

After the last issue of POWERS OF X #4, readers saw a partnership form between Charles, Magneto, and Minister Sinister in order to create a library of mutant genetic codes. However, what was the true purpose of this partnership? Furthermore, when last fans read HOUSE OF X, it appeared as though every last one of our heroes died saving mutant-kind from Mother Mold. What’s the connection between Sinister and our dead heroes? PLUS, last red issue (HOUSE OF X #2) saw the reveal of Moira MacTaggert’s mutant ability that became the crux of the series. What will this red issues big reveal be? And, is Mother Mold really destroyed? These questions and so much more in this RED issue of HOUSE OF X #5 by the talent Jonathan Hickman.

Immediately out of the gate, Jonathan Hickman reveals a sensational plot thread just as large as HOUSE OF X #2 that will impact the fate of the X-Men, as well as the Marvel Universe moving forward. Hints of this big reveal have been sprinkled throughout the series as early as the very beginning of HOUSE OF X #1 and finally kicked itself loose almost two months later in the heart of Krakoa! And even though the beginning of this issue was shocking to many, the ending of the comic should cause readers to have just as much suspicion for the narrative as the anecdote progresses.

This reviewer can clearly see SO MUCH conflict on the horizon for our X-heroes. The morality lines that Charles and his X-Men appear to be crossing make this critic ponder if their mission is the right one. Sure, equal rights for all is noble, noteworthy, and an important fight. However, the avenue Charles appears to be taking seems more villainous and evil after each issue. Readers should look no further than the pages involving what appears to be thousands of mutants screaming and chanting as if they’re in a crazed cult. These pages actually sent shivers down this critic’s spine.

Additionally, if that wasn’t enough, numerous villains begin to surface and bonds are forming between characters that this reviewer NEVER thought he’d EVER see. Where will Hickman lead this franchise? Are the tactics Charles is taking pure, ethical, decent, and honorable? Honestly, this reviewer couldn’t say. The cause is certainly admirable but Hickman has made this critic doubt which side is entirely valid on this one. The plot threads formed from this issue will certainly have HUGE influence with enormous confrontations and epic catastrophes down the line. At some point, the chickens will be coming home to roost Bobby Boucher!

Even though this reviewer may question the tactics of our combatants, there is no disputing the time, thought, attention to detail, and design Hickman has put into crafting a logical solution and strategy for this series and the future of the X-Men. Hickman makes sure to resolve every qualm possible involving the issues epic reveal by laying out which mutants are utilized, how they are employed, and their importance to the process.

From Goldballs, to Elixir, and even Hope Summers, Hickman carefully formulated the exact mutants that could all accomplish this unbelievable task in harmony. Readers, this isn’t something that was cultivated on a whim. Hickman and his team laid put every possible conflict, concern, and rationale ahead of time. If fans are disputing Hickman’s plan moving forward, this analyst guarantees that he’s already thought of an explanation using some type of obscure mutant ability from decades ago, similar to some of the mutants ”Sinister’s Secrets” were referencing in POWERS OF X #4 last week.


Is there a comic writer currently that takes more time to cultivate a more thorough blueprint to a series than Jonathan Hickman? His reveals are remarkable, wildly unique, resourceful, and cause fans to question the very foundation of the heroes they’ve grown to admire and adore since childhood. Readers will leave this issue with so many answers to some of the questions they’ve wondered since the first week. However, Hickman opens the door to future confrontations and dilemmas while bringing this shift in narrative to a close. With three issues left, this reviewer is becoming more and more excited for the direction ahead and feels like the possibilities are endless with Hickman’s guidance.


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