Deadpool Annual #1 Review

Writer: Dana Shwartz
Artist: Reilly Brown
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 21, 2019

After Skottie Young’s run of Deadpool came to an end recently, I was left wondering what kind of solo outings we would get from Wade. It looks like some good ones as a solo series from Kelly Thompson is on its way and now an Annual that also is an Acts of Evil issue had arrived this week. As the resident Deadpool fan here at Weird Science, I scooped this up to review right away. So, is it any good? Let’s find out…

This is one of those one-shot Annual type deals and that’s no surprise since it’s an Annual for a book that doesn’t have a solo series going on at the moment. As I said, it is an Acts of Evil issue and by the end, that shows.

We open with a kid having nightmares and Deadpool getting his game on and right away, you can tell that Dana Shwartz gets it. Reilly Brown’s art is really good, but that’s a normal occurrence so the big props go to Shwartz. She is jumping into this Marvel comics deal and hits the ground running. She has a really good sense of humor and the pop culture references are spot on. My favorite…Mister McFeely, the oh so unfortunately named, but awesome mailman to Mister Rogers! You see, the kid from the beginning of the issue wrote a letter to Deadpool to kill his nightmares and when Deadpool takes the job…away we go!

The issue is packed with one-liners and action as Wade steals the Eye of Agamotto, heads off to fight Nightmare and save the boy. The journey involves some great visual gags and just great art overall as Deadpool starts to uncover the true evil behind the little boy’s bad dreams.

And that’s when things went a bit south for me. I don’t mind some heavy stuff going on in a comic and I love seeing bad people get what’s coming to them…but child abuse is not a great time and it really slammed the breaks on the whole affair. Of course, this sort of thing shouldn’t be ignored, but it just gave me a really bad feeling for the rest of the issue and it was hard to shake.

However, by the end, Deadpool did take care of the piece of shit in a very satisfying way and we got a tiny team-up with Doctor Strange that I want to see more of and then it’s over and I was left with the empty feeling inside. Maybe that’s what Shwartz was going for here.

Final Thoughts:

This was a mixed bag of jokes, pop culture references and a piece of crap guy doing one of the most heinous things a piece of crap can do. It was a well-told story, just one that upset me more than entertained me.


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