Ironheart #8 Review

Writer: Eve Ewing

Art Team: Luciano Vecchio, Geoffo, Matt Milla

Release Date: July 10, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

After stopping the Chicago zombie apocalypse last month with Xavier and the Wasp (The Unstoppable Wasp, that is) Riri makes her way to New York to see Dr. Strange for a little help figuring out who these Ten Rings are and what they want with Riri. Will she get some answers? Let’s jump in and have a look.

This issue is a very quick read – in the aftermath of the Zombie attack led by Eclipse (last issue) Riri fills Xavier and Nadia about the Ten Rings symbol she saw, then a brief flashback to when she fought, and nearly lost to Midnight’s Fire when he failed to recruit her to the cause, even playing dirty pool and using the old “daddy issues” card. Low! The group has a discussion about good vs evil, and Riri jets off to Bleeker Street.

After a tag team match against Zetok The Merciless, Dr Strange gives a nice fatherly lesson on dental hygiene, then another recap before Dr. Strange fills us in on a mystical portal called the “Well Spring Of Power”. Everyone searches for it, no one finds it. It’s basicslly a legend at this point- unless there conveniently is one more door to the portal! Dr. Strange uses the Eye Of Agamotto and senses Riri’s daddy issues and agrees to help- and conveniently there is one more entrance. Looks like next issue we go road tripping again!


Thoughts, Reactions And Score:

We finally see a bit more character development with Riri this issue- Eve Ewing does a good job balancing a personal story with a global, magical threat. Dr Strange plays a credible, even fun Father Figure for an issue in a guest spot that actually makes sense in the story. After a slow start to the series, it’s good see it starting to pick up and get interesting on multiple levels.


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