Star Wars: Target Vader #1 Review


Written by Robbie Thompson
Art by Marc Laming and Cris Bolson
Colors by Neeraj Menon, Jordan Boyd, Andres Mossa, Federico Blee, Erick Arciniega
Lettering by Clayton Cowles

Cover by Nic Klein
Edited by Mark Paniccia
Assistant Editor Tom Groneman

There have been a multitude of Darth Vader titles emerging from the Marvel Star Wars think-tank of late, so many that I feel like I have
reviewed a book featuring Vader every week for some time. You would think that this would have put me off the character a little, in
search of a change. So far though the complex nature of Vader has had the opposite effect, igniting further interest in the character as the layers are peeled away. Let’s see how this new mini series, Target Vader, gets on in its opening issue.


Well, Marvel seem to have done it again. This is an exciting issue
that manages to find another interesting angle from which to look at the Dark Lord of the Sith. There is an explosive entry into the issue. 4 pages at the end of which this title announces itself with a bang. Literally. The premise of this series is that the Rebel Alliance is taking out a hit job. On Vader. Excited? You will be.

The man to lead the hunt is an interesting new character, a failing
Bounty Hunter named Beilert Valance. He has a cool Terminator/Cyborg Superman vibe about him, with half a face covered in electronic paraphernalia, like a technological Two Face. The remainder of the
issue sees him work to help assemble his team for the job. Not unlike Beckett in the Solo movie. Meanwhile we check in with Vader just enough to remind us of the scale of the job that his new crew will have on their hands.


I enjoyed everything about this issue. The artwork is really high
quality, the colors delicious and consistent despite the large team
involved. The writing is gripping and completely in line with the Star Wars sentiment and ethos. The whole style of the book combines classic Star Wars while adding a fresh twist. My hopes are high for this series having been slightly skeptical going in. Very enjoyable.


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