Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #10 Review

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa,
Rosi Kampe, and Ian Hearing
Cover Artist: Bengal
Release Date: July 3, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Well it’s here, the last issue of Ghost Spider. You know, the name she said she was going to go by but not once has anyone called her that not even herself! I really dig this character in the Spider-Verse movie and was hoping to dig this run. But it is not working. If you asked me what was this run about, my only guess would be that she is trying to live her life with her identity out in the open. But it feels like nothing really happened! With this series rebooted next month, I’m really hoping this sets some things up as well as end the run in a good way! Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We begin our last issue with Gwen fighting some goons on her universe. In which she took them down easily but she is still worried about her powers. With Dr. Elsa Brock missing on her world, she does the super hero thing and find someone else? Okay guess we aren’t going to see if the Doc is okay. She high tails it out of their and searches for a parallel-universe version. Next stop, Earth 616 for the search of Eddie Brock.

Her powers begins to act a bit wacky there in which for some reason reminded me of Spider-Man 2. So she decides to think of another way of travel. With no real way of finding Peter, she heads to some place where I would not expect! At least we get a little nod to the Amazing Spider-Man book with letting the readers know Peter got in a little trouble for plagiarism. Glad that they had something to connect to the book, but unfortunately it is something that was really never touched on in the book. But hey can’t fault this book for that book’s mistake.

Not too long after she runs into an expected guest but one that she is happy to see. The two heroes head to central park but all the way there something is up. As they are getting grub, the duo hears trouble and spring into action! And we get a team-up! But something strange occurred to her, no one knows her identity on this Earth! She likes it. She tries to come up with a new name because well Spider-Gwen says half of her name. So she thinks of something and BAM! Ghost-Spider is born! Which felt weird how she thought of it especially at the end of Spider-Geddon she already said she was going to go by that.

Final Thoughts:

Finally! Ghost-Spider is here! We get her calling herself that, even though felt odd. I do prefer this way of how she thought of the name than how she thought of the name in Spider-Geddon which felt forced. Well I know one thing for sure after reading this, Seanan better not be writing any Spider-Man in the near future! The artwork was eh okay, like a 6.5. But after reading this issue, I asked myself, would I give this issue to someone? Strangely, yes I would. A nice one-shot that tells you a little about Gwen. Be a good issue to read before reading her new series in August.


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