Thanos #1 Review

Writer: Tini Howard
Artist: Ariel Olivetti
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 24, 2019

Review by: Dispatch DCU

Like every good hero, every villain has a beginning, an origin, and a reason for being. Thanos is no different than any other character, creature, or being. He lives and therefore has a beginning. However, even though this comic is called Thanos by Tini Howard, who is this origin story really about? Let’s dive in and find out!

Howard geniusly opens this narrative by giving readers the story of Gamora’s origin, instead of Thanos, through her perspective while giving fans a taste of the Mad Titan before the two met. Howard shows a side of Thanos that many may have never seen before. Comic lovers, like myself, may find it interesting to see the Mad Titan lost, confused, and at times irrational.

With the current movies making Thanos appear as an anti-hero who has it all together, as well as Donny Cates’ run (READ IT… it’s amazing!!!) making Thanos out to be the strongest being ever, this issue shows the Mad Titan as a man that’s weak, astray, disoriented, and even more obsessed with Death than ever. Again, this isn’t the Thanos from The Infinity Gauntlet or Infinity War. This isn’t the same Mad Titan from Annihilation or Infinity. This Thanos is a hot mess. He may still be strong, powerful, and scary, but he’s also obsessively bat$&@$ crazy and lets Magus get under his skin. That’s not the Titan I know or remember.

Howard’s take on Thanos is actually refreshing to see that even the strong must start somewhere. Readers will also find the relationship between Magus and Thanos interesting throughout the issue as well. Both Titans cross the universe to control it, however with two different motivations and agendas. I’m excited to see more with this relationship myself and hope Howard explores this more. That said; this issue wasn’t simply about Thanos and where his crew began. This story was meant to get background on Gamora and why this miserably, dreadful man would change his attitude and want anything to do with this little Zen-Whoberian girl. To be honest, I always wondered why Thanos would spare this little girl and raise her as his own. Well, that reason is Death itself. Howard’s interesting cliffhanger shows fans that Gamora was chosen by Thanos because she too could see Death, which is truly fascinating.

Overall, the issue was a bit wordy but with this being the first issue, I can give it a pass because the background for the story needed to be established as well as the direction. Going forward, I hope Howard can pull more out of the characters through situations and art rather than heavy dialogue.

Final Thoughts:

Howard takes this book into an unexpected but refreshing direction that gives a different take on the Mad Titan that makes him appear more unstable, dysfunctional, and ultimately more human. Turns out; this Thanos story is an origin story for the (possibly new) Mad Titan, Gamora. Was she groomed by Death itself? Or, if you’ve been following along currently in Guardians of the Galaxy, did Thanos download his consciousness into Gamora? And why can Gamora see Death? Was this her plan all along? Only time will tell and I’m currently hitching my ride to this comic in hopes to explore these questions more and get some dang answers! Pick it up and tell me what you think.


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