Doctor Strange #13 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Barry Kitson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 24, 2019

Review By: Dispatch DCU

Doctor Stephen Strange becomes the new Herald of Galactus after Zoloz transported him to the Nether Realm. The only problem is that Galactus pangs of hunger and this realms energy could poison the devourer of worlds while destroying both realms in the process. Let’s see what the good Doctor can do to get out of this one!

While the issue was interesting, Mark Waid seemed to rely heavily on monologue throughout this issue to explain what was going on. Now, I’m one for understanding, as well as stories making sense, but if it gets too saturated with dialogue, it often times takes away from what the art team can do, drowns out the issue, and sometimes makes the issue feel more like a chore. Trust me; the explanation was needed but maybe through natural conversation, we could have gotten the same answers while focusing a bit more on the art.

On a good note, Galactus laughs and takes down a Minotaur demon-like creature named Gorath who stories told can “hold his own against the Living Tribunal…” Well, from what we saw in the issue, I feel confident that this story was probably fabricated in a locker room or from Gorath’s mother because there was no battle to be found. Galactus sucked him dry like a lemonade on a hot Summers day.

Next, the good Doctor tries to come up with a means of stopping the “the only being strong enough to survive the Big Bang” but deems himself the new Herald in order to find Galactus worlds to feast on without life while he conjures up a plan to get the big dog back to their realm. However, the story ends with an interesting twist. Not only can Stephen Strange put Herald of Galactus on his resume, but Dormammu may be joining this fight soon for a tag-team table, ladders, and chairs match for the ages. Let’s get pumped for the next issue!

Final Thoughts:

The monologues may weigh the issue down, but the idea and concepts from Waid are very interesting. I haven’t read a ton on Galactus but I don’t recall him going against magical and demonic beings before. So, as a reader who searches for new and creative stories, this lands in my wheelhouse. Pick it up for something new and interesting, however, be prepared to finish that lemonade first.


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