Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1 Review

Writer: Vita Ayala
Artist: German Peralta
Release Date: March 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

It’s a new week, which means its time for a new issue 1 of an Age of X-Man miniseries. So far for these Age of X-Man books, I am 50/50 so I was still nervous about this book. Mainly because it is a result of the story from the first ten issues of the new Uncanny issues, a ten issue run that went longer than it should have.  Bishop, as a character, I have never been that fond of. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start the issue with Bishop walking through the prison he was sent to after being caught with Jean at the end of the Age of X-Man Alpha issue. Who at the end of the issue, we didn’t know whether or not he pressed a button to escape or if he got captured. Once Bishop is fully in the prison and with his cuffs off, we get a bigger view of some of the other inmates. Right from the start we get view of Beast and Lorna. Beast is then greeted by the warden, Forge. Who really hope we see some awesome device he built because we had nothing in this issue which is a shame.

While Bishop is waiting to get food, apparently he is talking to another inmate who we find out is all in his head Just like another inmate named Lorna, thanks to help from Gabby. Unfortunately, the help came with a confrontation with Beast just for talking to Gabby. Thankfully, Moonstar was there to make sure it stays a confrontation instead of a beat down. One thing I enjoyed here was seeing how Ayala is making Beasts. He’s more dangerous and unpredictable here.

Throughout this issue, Bishop gets many flash memories of his real life before all of this alternate Age of X-Man stuff. Even at the yard he gets flash backs of Gabby and her time of being an x-man so in order to see what is going on he decides to go and talk to her again. Which just tells him to buzz off and talk to Lorna and this time she won’t tell Beast about this conversation. He walks up to Lorna and gets flashbacks of her as well. Now confused as ever, he keeps on asking Lorna some questions about what is going on but she just stays still. You could tell that someone did something to her. Moonstar interferes again to tell him how the rules work here and some of the 411 on some stuff. She gets why he is doing what he is doing because at times he feels like she doesn’t feel like this world is real. Before going their own ways, he has a flashback of Moonstar, but next thing he knows she is gone.

Later back at dinner, Gabby actually snitches to Beasts about talking to Bishop, causing him to show him a beat down. Bishop was able to hold his own against Beast for a little while until he started to have flash backs of Beasts as an x-men which confuses him and lets Beasts get the upper hand. The guards send the two of them to their own cells, where he closes his eyes and gets a vision of his past villains taunting him about how the fun isn’t over with him yet. He wakes to find a note on the floor saying to believe the dreams because everything else is fake.

Final Thoughts:

For a character I could careless about, enjoyed this issue! Glad they have Gabby in this book, can tell I will enjoy her scenes when she is in this miniseries. Could tell that they had other characters from the X-man roster around in this issue but I am still new to it so I could not pick out who’s who. The artwork is okay, some panels didn’t work me. The dialog felt smooth and right there! I am looking forward to the next issue and where it brings us to get out of this alternate world!


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