Iceman #5 Review

Written by: Sina Grace
Art by: Nathan Stockman, Andres Mossa, Federico Blee, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 9, 2019

I have recently caught up on Iceman so that I could review this finale. I do like the way that Sina Grace writes Bobby and for the most part, this series is a fun time. So, does this finale end things with a bang? Let’s find out…

We open the issue with a flashback of Booby and Judah and while it’s a very nice couple of scenes, it feels weird to throw this out there in a finale. We do go back to the matter at hand and after last issue’s cliffhanger, that was the little thing of Bobby being dead! Yea, that didn’t stick and I’m sure nobody is surprised at that. Bobby used a Forge decoy and comes busting in to take on Sinister.

While this is going on, there is a bunch of things going on downtown at the Mutant Pride Parade. X-Men, Mutants, and Murlocks (oh my) are all busy fighting Sinister’s guys, Emma Frost is throwing shade at the shoddy stitching of street vendor shirts and Sinister’s Ice Army joins in the chaos as well. It all comes to a head when Sinister and Bobby enter the fray.

I said that I like how Sina Grace writes Bobby and I still stand by that. It’s just the other characters I have an issue with. Why? Because they all have the same voice. Everybody is worried about shouting clever pop culture jokes and phrases and while that is 100% Bobby, having everyone doing it gets to be too much very quickly, but also takes away from the main character.

The issue then ends very quickly and after all the setup, it felt a little lackluster. Lackluster in the way that it didn’t really have an ending. Bobby still has to work things out with Madin and the Morlocks, we had the beginning with Judah left hanging and we end with a cliffhanger and the classic “The End?” which drives me insane. I guess we will get another Iceman mini sometime down the line and I am okay with that, but I wish that Grace would have just ended this series with more of an ending.

Final Thoughts:

This mini has been a pretty consistent book. The art is decent and Sina Grace obviously has a love for Booby, I just wish this series was a more self-contained story and not just feel like it’s a setup for the next series. Overall though, I wasn’t upset that I decided to read this series.


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