Punisher #6 Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art Team: Symon Kudranski, Antonio Fabela, VC’s Corey Petit, Greg Smallwood
Release Date: January 9, 2019
Review by Matthew Brown

Review by: Matthew Brown (@MattyFightsEvil)

Matthew Rosenbergs Punisher is the book that and run that I have actually been reading concurrently the longest of any Marvel title jumping on back at the start of Rosenbergs run back in November 2017 when Frank put on the War Machine suit. As lapsed Marvel fan who loved and read a lot of Punisher in the past the thought of Frank Castle in the War Machine suit was far too awesome to resist, this along with Donny Cates books Cosmic Ghost Frank the Punisher really spearheaded my reconnection with the Marvel Universe and from that point forward the book has been just getting better and better and this issue is no exception.

This issue picks up after last issues issues double cross with a day in the life of Baron Zemo struggling to appear to the world at large as a legitimate political leader of Bagalia with walls of the world closing in around Hydras last stronghold and Frank captured after being double crossed and set up by Nick Fury in issue #5. Baron Zemo takes some time out of his busy schedule to pay some special attention to Frank who is restrained to a chair in a dark room. Some good old fashion torture ensues in what Baron Zemo seems to use as his ‘me time’. While torture scenes aren’t exactly new Baron gives some personalised service to Castle which added a little something different to a bit of a trope which i thought was pretty cool and Frank ends up general pop of the Hydra run prison.

As expected in a Hydra prison there are a number of people inside that are not huge fans of Frank Castle including the guards and it doesn’t take long for Castle to get into an altercation of which he gets the better of and finds himself in solitary. Time passes and until a bearded and maned Punisher is released from his cell to meet some potential new friends that seemingly may be able to assist in ending the Hydra scourge once and for all.

After Frank returned the War Machine suit I had some concerns that Rosenberg would struggle to top it but since the relaunch to go along with fresh start it’s been even better and better. Matt has a great handle on what I and I think fans of the character want from the Punisher title and that’s a dark, gritty, violent and well grounded tone and just let Frank be a total badass leaving a trail of bodies in creative and entertaining ways on his way to achieve his mission.

This book has also been one of the more linear and easy to follow stories which is refreshing with how convoluted and hard to follow some other books have been. Rosenberg is certainly not reinventing the wheel here but giving fans of the character exactly what they want month after month in what along with Venom has become my equal favorite book being put out right now.

Final Thoughts:

If you are not reading this book go do it, this is all-time run level stuff by Matthew Rosenberg for the Punisher.


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