Wolverine: The Long Night #1 Review

Written by: Ben Percy
Art by: Marcio Takara, Matt Milla, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: January 2, 2019

I am coming into this book without having listened to the podcast at all. I am all about the comics and so, if I like what I read, I will probably go and listen afterward. I know that’s a bit backward from how most people are approaching this series, but hey… I’m a weirdo! So, did I like this first issue enough to keep going? Let’s find out…

The issue opens in Alaska where an old fisherman is telling a gruesome story to Special Agents, Pierce and Marshall. It’s set up to be a murder mystery and while it takes a bit to get going, it scratches an itch that a lot of the Big Two comics don’t get at.

Of course, from the get-go, everything seems to be pointing at Wolverine. As the investigation goes on, though, there is more to it than just the murders. The Special Agents are up against a community that likes to keep things to themselves and the disgust at the “lower 48” is mentioned quite a few times. Percy uses it to give the reader some character work so that they can get invested in these new characters.

As the issue moves on, we get a tour of the town and a few of the residents as well. That’s when we hear “The Long Night” mentioned on the radio and get a story about Logan! From there, it looks like the murder investigation is fully on Wolverine, but at this moment, there isn’t a ton to go on.

This first issue is all about the mystery and the characters. Ben Percy is taking his time here and those who expect a ton of Wolverine action right away might be disappointed. I like the setting a whole lot and the idea that people go to Alaska to hide from something works well with Wolverine, but also every other character in the book. Yea, this issue was all set up, but I’m interested in what it’s setting up.

I also liked Marcio Takara’s art. It’s a gritty style and the dark colors of Matt Milla give the book a dreary look that fits the setting and the murder mystery going on.

Final Thoughts:

I liked this first issue of the series even if Ben Percy is taking his time at the start. Maybe that’s why I like it as we get to meet the characters and explore the setting. This issue is not action-packed, but anyone looking for a murder mystery with some crazy potential down the road should check this out.


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