Annihilation – Scourge: Omega #1 Review

Matthew Rosenberg brings us the conclusion to the ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE event with ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE OMEGA #1! Read the ANNIHILATION – SCOURGE OMEGA #1 review here! Continue reading Annihilation – Scourge: Omega #1 Review

Annihilation Scourge Omega #1 Preview

Annihilation Scourge Omega #1 Preview: Annihilation Scourge Omega #1 by Matthew Rosenberg concludes this special event this Wednesday December 18th, 2019! Check out the preview here… Continue reading Annihilation Scourge Omega #1 Preview

Annihilation Scourge: Nova #1 Review

Annihilation Scourge Nova #1 Review: Annihilation Scourge Nova #1 by Matthew Rosenberg hits stores this week as Annihilus and Nova team-up to stop a new threat in the Negative Zone. Check out the review here… Continue reading Annihilation Scourge: Nova #1 Review

Annihilation #4 (2006) Review

Left behind, can Drax survive in this week’s all-new ANNIHILATION #4 by Keith Giffen. While Thanos seizes action and Nova fixes his course on a suicide mission, will this be enough to quell the Annihilation Wave? Bottom line, no Marvel Cosmic fan will forgive themselves for missing this issue! Let’s jump into the fourth installment of this epic event.
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