A.X.E.: Avengers #1 Review

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Cover Artist: Nic Klein
Penciller: Federico Vicentini
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 28, 2022

“It was testing me. And if it’s still testing me, it’s still testing us. And if it is still testing us…. we’re going
to pass! – Iron Man to a member of the X-Men and The Eternals

A.X.E. Judgement Day Tie-in!
Tony Stark has spent his life building suits to protect him. Now he has to enter a suit of armor that could
kill us all. Can he survive? Can anyone?

Kieron Gillen recognizes that Tony Stark has left a lot of emotional carnage in his past. In Stark’s
attempt to live up to his past as well as replace an alcohol addiction with a saving the world addiction,
Gillen writes a very poignant Charles Dickens type of tale in this first issue.
Three parts superhero teams and one part “Ebenezer Scrooge” , Gillen provides an episode of “This is our Life” that leaves Tony emotionally drenched and gives the reader the spark of the ingenuity Tony Stark is holding on to dodge a Judgement that can eradicate everyone.
It’s a redemption walk for Tony as he is inside a suit of armor battling in his psyche and separated from his recent amalgamation of Eternals and X-Men. Divide and Conquer…more like a “Give me a second while I work on this problem.” Well done, Kieron Gillen – I love that Dickens’ homage. Tony’s parents were in a car accident…the failure of machines affecting his life…deep stuff!

Positives 2.0
Gillen provides enough ego-stroking to Stark’s character, but what a color explosion of hero costumes. Spread your action figures on the table and write them all into a team. Ever wonder why paths don’t cross in the comics of certain heroes? Wonder no more, as this issue kicks off an amalgamation like no other. Kudos to the art team on this one!

I love a great story, and this one provides the spark for Tony that is going to bring Judgement Day to an
end. When you have such a comprehensive idea that affects the entire Marvel Universe, it is fantastic to see the idea that starts the fever pitch march to the end. But it is unfortunate too because this ride of Judgement has been genius, and this issue may spell the end for Judgement!

Final Thoughts:

Eternals, X-men and Avengers – it turns out when teams collide, you may get a bit of artistic wrestling to
get the most out of each frame. However, this art team does a great job of setting up the right personalities with the proper dialogue. There are no ghosts of Christmas past, present, or future. But you
do get quite a walk down Tony Stark’s memory lane that leaves quite the impression on the reader!


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