Savage Avengers #8 Review

Writer: David Pepose
Color Artist: Espen Grundetjern
Cover Artists: Valerio Giangiordano and Chris O’Halloran
Penciller: Carlos Magno
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Reviewer: Dr. Carl Bryan

“Now what is it you humans were always fond of saying…? Ah yes….Assemble! – Ultron

In the year 2099, Ultron has subjugated the future with Deathlok technology. Yet nowhere is resistance fiercer than the shattered kingdom of Latveria, as Doom 2099 and his ramshackle army of Doombots wage endless war against the Machine Empire.
With 2099’s most powerful champion on their side, can Jake Gallows and the Savage Avengers find salvation within the rubble of Tiger Wylde’s fortress? Or will our heroes finally fall before Ultron’s irresistable might? Don’t miss the shocking twist that will leave Marvel fans on the edge of their seats.

Coming into my reviewing of all things Avengers, I am most intrigued by this concept as I was a big fan of Peter David and Rick Leonardi’s Spiderman 2099, which came about in 1992. Now Marvel has embraced the idea with many core heroes who started with a lot of baggage anyway, but it seems to have accentuated even more in 2099.
The team itself is an excellent play on the Suicide Squad from DC, but it has grown-up versions of a Deathlok/Miles Morales and a Flash Thompson/Antivenom. Personally, I am digging the Electra/Daredevil persona!

However, is Ultron ever really gone? Wow? This is a perfect villain for this ragtag team that appears to be more in tune at combat in this Terminator-type tale that features Ultron building his own Machine Empire. Does the story ring of a James Cameron movie? Sure. But Cameron never had access to Weapon H…That’s Weapon Hulk with some adamantium claws. Marvel is putting its action figures in a blender lately! Whew!

Positives #2:
Dr. Doom versus Ultron. Sure – I am all in on this, as the battle scenes are pretty stellar, thanks to the art team. Team books are tough to manage as you want the correct “poses,’ but you also have to have some invested storyline.

There are some great new costume ideas with these pages and while I have not read a lot about Flash Thompson’s character, writer David Pepose seems to be using him as comic relief. That is needed as this is a pretty heavy book focused on Deathlok/Miles Morales and the Punisher wrestling with their demons!

Again, I am jumping in with Issue #8 which to my dismay, I have not read the back story. It is like when my Dad said, “You want to go see Star Wars?” He takes us to the movies, but we walk into the MIDDLE of the movie….of really what was EPISODE 4 of the eventual nine movie sequence. So that is on me! However, I think what we have thus far is a great team, but wrong inspiration in The Terminator.

The last page is clever…I mean really clever! This means I am going back to issues 1-7 and piecing this entire story together. And really…I cannot wait to see how this team “reassembles” itself back together! Pun intended!


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