Murderworld: Avengers #1 Review – Dumb Fun or Just Plain Dumb?

Writer: Jim Zub & Ray Fawkes
Artist: Jethro Morales
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 16, 2022

A bunch of Murderworld Ons-Shots with all sorts of guest stars? That might be cool, right?!? Well, maybe for some, but check out our video review to see what we thought. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Channel and Like the video!

Final Thoughts:

Murderworld: Avengers #1 didn’t make me care enough about the characters at all, and because of that, I didn’t care about the book in general. The art is pretty good, but there wasn’t any hook to interest me. I may be back, but only out of curiosity if this could get better, which shouldn’t be that hard!


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