Captain Carter #5 Review

Written by: Jamie McKelvie
Art by: Marika Cresta
Colors by: Matt Milla
Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover art by: Jamie McKelvie
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: August 10, 2022

Captain Carter #5 concludes the series with Peggy Carter sequestered in a prison built for supers and with Lizzie taking extreme measures for help. Can the new band of allies find a way to stop a vampire menace from taking over the world?

Is It Good?

Captain Carter #5 is not bad. In fact, it’s the best issue of the series. To be clear, this issue has some flaws, but they’re minor compared to the previous issues, and the ending is relatively satisfying.

Strange as it sounds, the highlight of the issue is something that isn’t present – Harley’s incessant, unwarranted, pace-killing lecturing. When McKelvie stops using Harley as a mouthpiece to spew socio-political ideology that has absolutely no bearing on the plot, Peggy’s journey shines through. This is a solid example of a writer getting out of his/her own way and the product improving for it. That said, there’s still some subversive ideology spewing, but that comes later.

The plot revolves around Lizzie gathering all the allies she can. Some willingly, others not so much. She comes out as a Mutant to her allies, and they formulate a plan to bust Peggy out of STRIKE’s super prison and expose the Prime Minister for who and what he is. The plan succeeds without a hitch, and all is right with the world. Sort of.

McKelvie introduces more thoughts about politics and government into the aftermath by disbanding Parliament, defunding the police, and more. Some credit is due to McKelvie for at least hiding the lecturing into the story, so in this case, it fits albeit over-the-top in its extremity.

The art is solid in this issue. Cresta, Milla, and Cowles get to show off plenty of action between prison escapes, vampire fights, and a moment or two to spend on best friend hugs in the middle of all of it. Visually, this issue is well-executed and holds your attention.

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Final Thoughts:

Captain Carter #5 ends the series with the best issue in the series. The best part is the utter lack of pace-killing lecturing from Peggy’s neighbor, Harley. There are plenty of Mission Impossible-style shenanigans, prison escapes, and vampire fights to end the troubled series on a relatively high note.


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