Captain Carter #4 Review

Written by: Jamie McKelvie
Art by: Marika Cresta
Colors by: Matt Milla
Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover art by: Jamie McKelvie
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: July 13, 2022

Captain Carter #4 finds Peggy Carter on the run, framed for murder. With the help of cyborg Tony Stark, Lizzie Braddock, and Peggy’s neighbor, Peggy uncovers the truth behind her corrupt boss and the secret organization infecting S.T.R.I.K.E.

Is It Good?

Captain Carter #4 takes the series down an unexpected road after discovering that Harry Williams’s history was faked in the last issue. Now, Peggy and her ragtag team must find out the truth behind Williams’ identity and the identity of the mysterious woman who led the assassination attempt. Does the big reveal make this series worth the cover price? Maybe, kinda, sorta.

There are two bright spots in this story. First, the art is gorgeous. Cresta, Milla, and Cowles created a visually vibrant and action-packed issue. The fights are dynamic, the colors are bold, and the little pops of Stark’s super-tech are cool. Visually, there are no criticisms to be found.

Second, McKelvie’s twist is a surprise. Surprises are a good thing when they’re executed well, and it’s safe to see you won’t see this surprise coming, and no prior issue up to this point gives it away. On that point, McKelvie earns high marks.

The down points, however, relate to McKelivie’s painfully heavy-handed development of Peggy’s next-door neighbor, Harley. Most of the turn-offs for this series center around Harley, the DJ-cum-super-hacker who wastes no opportunity, but tons of page space, lecturing anyone within earshot about her listener’s lack of understanding about one or more social ills. This time, Harley puts Lizzie in her place for being born into wealth. She educates Peggy about the destructive nature of gentrification and the “real reason” behind government security laws. You could argue that Harley serves a purpose because she’s a super hacker, so her constant lecturing is offset by the value she adds, but in this issue, Harley does little more than Google old news clippings and photos. With Lizzie’s S.T.R.I.K.E. network at her disposal and Stark’s advanced technology, Harley brings no value to the team, and her presence only serves as an irritant that drags the issue to a crawl every time she speaks.

This is one of those cases where a mini-series is damaged by introducing a pointless character.

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Bits and Pieces

Captain Carter #4 moves the story forward with a solid mystery that ends with a twist reveal you won’t see coming. The art is excellent, plenty of exciting action, and the pacing keeps the energy up. However, the new addition to the team adds nothing of value, and her constant lecturing drags the issue to a crawl whenever she speaks.


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