She-Hulk #4 Review

  • Written by: Rainbow Rowell
  • Art by: Luca Maresca
  • Colors by: Rico Renzi
  • Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover art by: Jen Bartel
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: June 29, 2022

She-Hulk #4 takes a timeout from the action (*ahem*) to give readers a look at She-Hulk’s daily routine with a little Fight Club action with Titania, some sushi with The Thing to talk about fixing a dog-walking ticket, and enjoying some bubble tea with Jack of Hearts while he shares his amateur poetry.

Was It Good?

Yep. If you want the inside dirty on She-Hulk #4, the blurb tells you everything you need to know. Nothing of consequence happens. Not one thing.

The high point of this issue is Marresca’s art. The Thing looks great. She-Hulk looks great. We get a brief scene where a number of heroes are gathered in She-Hulk’s lawyer waiting room, and they mostly look great. (Moon Knight, not so much).

And then, that’s it. She-Hulk makes good on her promise to spar with Titania at a construction site to keep the latter out of trouble. Then, she has Lunch with The Thing to discuss a court appearance over an unpaid ticket. Then, she meets Jack of Hearts in a park to talk about where he’s been and what he remembers while engaging in light flirting. But for a few scene adjustments, this arc has not progressed much past the first issue, and it’s turned into a mundane slice-of-life comic that is about as eventful and dramatic as watching paint dry.

If there’s a point to this series, Rowell needs to find it fast or risk labeling this as the only Marvel series out right now that’s entirely filler.

Bits and Pieces

She-Hulk #4 contains absolutely nothing of consequence. The titular character spends the entire day hanging out with friends and chatting about nothing of consequence. After four issues with a $3.99 cover price, this story is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.


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