Amazing Spider-Man #4 Review

Written by: Zeb Wells
Art by: John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna
Colors by: Marcio Menyz
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Menyz
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: June 22, 2022

Amazing Spider-Man #4 puts Spidey in the impossible position of stopping Tombstone’s gang from committing a massacre or stopping Robbie Robertson from becoming Tombstone’s hostage.

Was It Good?

I’ve made some bones about the unnecessary revelations that came out of issue #1, but the series has been a real treat so far. Amazing Spider-Man #4 is not only a treat, but Wells pulls a bait-and-switch that I did not see coming but completely works and satisfies.

The key highlights of this issue are the art and the big twist reveal at the end. If you didn’t read the last issue, Spidey was trapped in a basement and about to be executed by Tombstone’s men while more of Tombstone’s men, disguised as Rose’s men, left to shoot up a crowd of people and frame the Rose for mass murder. If that wasn’t bad enough, Tombstone told Spidey, before he left him to die, that he was off to grab Robbie Robertson as a show of force against Robertson’s son proposing to Tombstone’s daughter. It’s all coming down on Spidey’s head.

Now, we get a fairly good amount of action art as Spidey has to fight his way through a gauntlet of goons to escape and stop the unthinkable. Some panels, including a two-page splash, are magnificent and accentuate how Romita Jr. cant run in stellar work. To be fair, there are some scenes, one in particular where Spidey is hiding behind ceiling panels, that don’t make visual sense, but those lesser panels are few and far in between.

The bigger highlight is the twist. As far as spidey knows, Tombstone has laid out a plan with multiple prongs of attack to hurt Spidey, anyone with designs on his daughter, and the Rose in one fell swoop. By the end of the issue, not only is everything not as it seems, but the reveal elevates Tombstone as a more formidable character and possibly makes him more clever and devious than the Kingpin.

The down point of the issue is the same point we’ve made in previous reviews – the utter lack of connection to the frustrating, confusing surprises dropped in the first issue. At some point, Wells needs to get back to whatever happened in Pennsylvania, where Spidey disappeared to for six months, and why MJ has two elementary-aged schoolchildren. Readers aren’t going to forget those bombshells, so why is Wells ignoring them?

Final Thoughts:

Amazing Spider-Man #4 is a captivating issue that makes you appreciate the pure badassery of Tombstone as a main villain. The art is excellent, the pacing is energetic, the action is powerful, and the twist reveal is a pleasant surprise.


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