Marvel Comics Ep 390: The Thing #6, Moon Knight #10 & Devil’s Reign #6 / Weird Science Marvel Comics

We had some technical difficulties which messed up half of the podcast which would have also included Strange #2, Fantastic Four #42, and Black Widow #15.  It sucks, but we still have the second half with three books so enjoy!


0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:03 – The Thing #6
0:23:23 – Moon Knight #10
0:39:12 – Devil’s Reign #6


Show Links:

Instagram: (@weirdsciencecomic)


Marvel Comics Website:

Youtube Channel – Weird Science Comics 

DC Comics Podcast – Weird Science DC Comics Podcast

Manga Podcast – Weird Science Manga Podcast


This week’s Marvel Comics Patreon Spotlight: Deadpool: Bad Blood #1 & Spider-Punk #1


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